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Slutty Times

mlm1234 Offline
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Slutty Times

Hey Hey
Been awhile

Well away have had fab time, gone through a total slutty time, hehe.  With my loving BF supporting me and helping out doing with this
Just catch up

Well away got into  bukkaka, gang bang, threesomes, public, dom/sub, bondage and more.

but the bukkaka and gang bangs where the best
it was fab, with dishy guys. 
i had 8 guys in my bukkaka and gang bang.
8 greedy guys

They all lined up well i took there loads, with guys line up for seconds.  swalloning them at the end like a good boy.  sucking them dry and cleaning them up at the end hehe. it was the best.
They came back at following week for a gang bang, lying there well guys one after another fucking me was the most intense feeling ever. cumming inside me well my BF sucked me off.  I was a total whore.  I just wanted more and more in me.  Took a long time to get all the cum out of my bum hehe.
The only prob i was so tired and sore, my BF couldnt touch me for awhile.  Poor guy was so turned on and desperate hehe.  but once i was in the mood he was like an animal.  

Im hoping to plan another one soon Hope i can get more
03 Jun 2018 17:10
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RE: Slutty Times

Welcome back mim. Sounds like youve been having a great time and will have a lot to tell us

If you don't try it how do you know you don't like it?
03 Jun 2018 18:57
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