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what is your worst experience

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RE: what is your worst experience

(14 Apr 2018 16:23)chidds01234 Wrote:  I have a story to tell, about my worst experience.   Remember I am straight.

I had taken one of my leaves from the marital scene and I ended up in London.  I am a London lad, and I went to a friends house and stayed with him. He is Bi and was engaged to a man that owned a Bi and Gay club in Leicester Square.  I went to the club with my friend and asked for a job.  I was put to work, on the ground floor, in their food bar.   The gay men went upstairs and the lesbian women went downstairs.  Neither area was special to either sex and they could visit each others areas. 
One night a positively lovely woman came in and sat at the food bar, and ordered a jacket potato with Chilli and ate it.  After she had finished she sat on her own and ordered several drinks. I took little notice and carried on till 2, when we closed the bar in readiness to close the club at 3 am.  I did notice the woman and took stock of her. She was a typical woman, and not in the least gay looking.  I noticed things like her lack of Adams apple, Beard shadow and her lack of stubby square finger ends.  But most of all I noticed her breasts, which were seamless appendages and the nipples were in the right places.
After we finished, the staff would go up into Holloway Road, to a small eatery called "The Open Door" and we would eat if needed and continue with drinking, as it was open all night.  
The next night, this lovely lady came in and ordered food and drinks again.  This time, as we closed, she asked me to take her with me to the eatery.  I refused, and she left.  This happened every night for a week.  Finally my friend asked me why I refused her company, and I told him I was not sure of her motives, and it may have been a man in disguise.   He assured me she was a genuine woman.  The next night I relented and asked her to come with us.  She readily agreed, and when we arrived at the eatery, she bought me several drinks.
She then accompanied us every night, and spent a good amount of money.  On several occasions she asked me to see her home.  She live up in Islington, which was about two miles away, and she said she ha ordered a taxi.  Again I refused and I was not interested.
Then one night, we had been kissing, and I was feeling horny, and she asked me to see her home and drink a coffee.  I agreed, and we took a taxi to her block of flats.  Thinking I was on to a winner, I went up to her flat.  When I was inside, we never got to coffee.  I was kissing her, and had a stiffie.  She went down on her knees and proceeded to suck my dick.  I was in heaven.  She stood up and I had my chance to touch her. I went straight into her knickers.  And surprise....  I had a massive pair of bollocks in my hand.

I have been careful since. I can tell you.
As a very young squaddie in a big city, I found myself in the same situation - Shock, Horror!! ? Nope, something kicked into my homophobic young brain and I almost squeeled with delight and made the most of it Smile
Now, back to the original question.....hmmmm. I will think about that.
17 Apr 2018 13:41
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RE: what is your worst experience

Great answer PP!!!

Nil Satis Nisi Optimum 
17 Apr 2018 15:33
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