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New Guys First Time

mikki Offline
Always Horny!


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New Guys First Time

Ive been seeing a guy whos a newbie as far as anal sex is concerned-he's always wanted to try but hadnt actually got round to it until earlier today.
This is our third meet and we'd only got as far as giving each other oral or a mutual handjob before now.
However things got so hot between us today that we went all the way resulting in me giving him full penetration after about an hour of working his arse into a nice relaxed state so i could enter him-using plenty of lube of course!
Felt so good to be deep in a new guy and to hear him enjoy what i could give him!
Wife got quite horny listening to us fuck and we eventually ended up screwing after he'd gone.
What a way to spend a wet Friday!

09 Feb 2018 16:47
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Running Man Offline
Happy To Share


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RE: New Guys First Time

What a way mikki!
And what a read my friend!!

Nil Satis Nisi OptimumĀ 
09 Feb 2018 17:25
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Iamsomoney Offline
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RE: New Guys First Time

That is certainly a better Friday then I had!

Good on you Mikki.
09 Feb 2018 20:15
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