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OMG! 3D!

Rapier69 Offline
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OMG! 3D!

What the heck have I been missing? Picked up a Gear VR headset at the weekend, no particular reason, just a nerd and wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

Note: to head off accusations of advertising I chose the Gear as I have a Samsung S7 edge mobile and that was recommended, you can get cardboard headsets that apparently work just as well and there are some souped up bits out there that do not need a phone, but very pricey.


Switch on and you are in a room, you can look all around, screens hang in the air to set the thing up and choose what to view, one puts you in a cinema complete with seats and exit signs, the ish, a quick click and my computer was on line and I could put vids from it on the screen, likewise from the internet. Kewl! Browsing the internet I came onto Youtube and found loads of 3D films. Ye gods! Suddenly I am in a lap dance club with an upside down girl inches from my nose, I was scrambling for money to push in her Gee string. 

Ok, this is getting wow interesting, but at this point the wife is throwing things at me and demands a go. I change to a free app called "Face your Fears" and passed it to her, after a puzzled couple of minutes of her peering around she screamed and threw the headset off, apparently a zombie had sneaked up and grabbed her from behind.

Back in my clutches I browsed to xhamster and sure enough, there were clips there for the technology, they come in two type, 360 which speaks for itself, and 3D which can also be 360 panoramic but is more often 180 degrees. First clip blew me away, I was lying on a bed, you see some of these from POV (Point of view) as if you are the actual person there. I look down and stone me, I have tits and a shaved cunt! Then two guys and two women jump on me and take turns at shagging me and shoving their bits in my face.

This could be seriously addictive! One problem though, with the headset on you cannot see or hear someone coming into the room, just in case you are doing the hand jive better lock the door!

Next on the shopping list: A 3D camera!!!!
05 Feb 2018 10:06
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Iamsomoney Offline
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RE: OMG! 3D!

That sounds amazing.

I had a go on on the gear VR at an exhibition once. I was in the Marvel universe. It was really good.

Problem is you really have no idea where you are looking and apparently I was staring at a lady's tits most of the time.
05 Feb 2018 23:08
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