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UKSF Fetlife & Kik Groups

kingDoms_sub Offline
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RE: UKSF Fetlife & Kik Groups

(11 Dec 2018 10:47)Morwen Wrote:  As a mod (albeit not an overly active one these days) I have no issues with people linking other profiles here - there is/was a thread somewhere of a load of people doing just that including the site owner. With instagram, I'd say just have a care if it's linked to your facebook as you might be giving people you don't know a link to your private information so be safe.

Good point, mine definitely isn't linked to FB but worthwhile to remember for others.

(11 Dec 2018 17:24)Hovis Wrote:  Without opening past unpleasentness. I have no problems with this and let's be pragmatic.

But let's keep it to this thread.

Aww hooovisss ruining my grumpy fun!

(This post was last modified: 12 Dec 2018 13:12 by kingDoms_sub.)
12 Dec 2018 13:11
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RE: UKSF Fetlife & Kik Groups

(12 Dec 2018 13:11)kingDoms_sub Wrote:  Aww hooovisss ruining my grumpy fun!
Grumpy - I just thought it would be easier if they were to be in one place, I'm not insisting on it.

Time to leap to http://www.uksf2.co.uk
12 Dec 2018 16:50
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RE: UKSF Fetlife & Kik Groups

My kik is miss_williams89 if anyone wants it xx
16 Dec 2018 18:55
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