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strangest fetish.. Question 

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RE: strangest fetish..

(15 Sep 2017 09:29)Fluff69 Wrote:  
(14 Sep 2017 12:38)Ian_Mason Wrote:  I am not sure if this qualifies as a fetish (I am going back to the late sixties by the way) . . . I remember walking home from school one day with a friend of mine, we would often take a short cut through a field area on the way home mainly so we could kick a football around. A part of this area backed onto layby next to a busy road, this was separated from the layby by a row of trees. My friend ran to get the ball which had gone into the trees, I saw he was staring at something in the grass under the trees, he was laughing and beckoned me over. There laying in the grass was a used condom, or a rubber johnnie as they were know then, a few feet away was the wrapper lying next to a women’s pair of knickers. My friend was laughing but then started kicking the football again and walked on, I on the other hand was really turned on and instantly had a hard on that was trying break out of my grey school trousers, I did my best to conceal this and I tried to act very nonchalant like my friend and walked on. It was about a ten minute walk from my house so after dinner I made an excuse to my parents about going out and went back to look again.

I looked around to make sure there nobody about, the condom, the first time I had seem one in the flesh, seemed slimy and slippery and teat at the end was full creamy cum. I imagined only about a day or so before where it had been, pumping in and out of a tight women’s pussy until the stimulation got too much and the wearer exploded and filled it up with cum. I was a virgin and would have given anything to be the wearer when that had happened. I picked up the knickers, they had a strain on the front, pussy juice I guessed. I was so excited I had to run home, shut myself in the bathroom and wank off. Since that day I have found used condoms a turn on and the sight of one always sets off my imagination.
I can also relate to this, I remember being about 11 (this was in the 80s) and me and my friends playing in the bushes and finding a porn mag that had pages stuck together. That always gave me a funny feeling that I didn't understand at the time.
I used to wonder what it was like to be an adult and stuff and I always remember this so yeah I know what you mean.

I was bit older than you when I found that condom and knickers so I had a bit more of an idea of things, but yes, it was a time of exploration and learning about things in the adult world. All the kids at school would talk about sex but finding a used condom was like a confirmation of everything and a feeling of “all this stuff is actually happening and is real” Very exciting.
15 Sep 2017 09:58
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RE: strangest fetish..

I always find it a turn on to see a used condom or a pair of stray knickers around myself

I had a gf once that had a fetish for watching me cum in the condom I have to say I did find it a bit of a turn on myself aswell
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15 Sep 2017 14:38
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