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The taste of a cheating wife

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The taste of a cheating wife

Shortly after we were married I came home from sea a few days earlier than expected. I was somewhat put out to find the house empty, I had planned the usual sailor home cuming!

A couple of hours later my new wife came in, looking mussed up and flustered, she stared at me as if I were a total stranger and did not seem at all pleased to see me. I thought she looked like she had been to the gym, but she had no sport bag with her and she had obviously not showered, her hair was all over the place and looked a bit matted as if she had been snagged by low branches.

When I tried to hug her she actually pushed me away, she certainly smelled like she had been at the gym, and her clothes were slightly damp, though it was chilly out. This only excited me, I love the scent of a sweaty woman. I should point out my wife loves rough sex, though does not often get it from me, I am too metro sexual, too concerned about hurting or offending a woman, if she says stop, I stop. Well not this time, I had been up the ice for months without even a sniff of a female, except some very butch Norwegian female marines. Now here was a woman legally obliged to fuck me (bet that gets a few flames!) and already hot and sweaty, no way I was taking no for an answer.

We wrestled and any other time I would have realised she meant it, she was really fighting me, but I hooked my leg around hers and pinned her to the ground, she kicked and scratched and threatened to scream, but I found that funny, this was the RN married patch and a ship had just come in, there would be loads of screaming going on, and not all of them from wives of men on that ship, if you follow me!

I held her down by the wrists and waited while she fought. Then she gave up, just stopped, head turned away. She said. "Don't, let me go change first, I will put something nice on for you."

I did not want nice, I wanted sweaty and hot and damp. I let go her wrists and yanked her skirt off, she made one more go of stopping me but I just slapped her hands away and literally tore off her panties, they were absolutely sodden and there was a scent of wine and peaches coming up from her pussy. I ducked my head and she grabbed my hair and begged me not to, instead insisted I fuck her first, a strange change of pace, I ignored her and sank my mouth down on her soft downy triangle and licked deep into her soaking pussy.

My head jerked up in shock as I got a big mouthful of salty cum and I stared at her in amazement. She would not meet my eyes but snapped out, "You did not marry a nun, what did you think I would do while you were away for months?" She used my stunned pause to wriggle out from under me and retreated close to the door, as if afraid I was going to attack her for real. I sat back on my heels, looking at her naked from the waist down, she has great legs and I was imagining her wrapping them around another man as he spunked up into her, a cold shiver went through me.

"Who is he?" I asked.

"No one you know!" She replied, far too quickly, it was a lie but I knew there was no point chasing it, she could be a stubborn bitch.

"How long?" I realised I was asking the usual questions, like a script in a play.

"This was the first time," she pleaded. "I did not mean for it to happen."

"I want to know what happened," I told her. "Everything." 

She looked resigned, and kept one eye on the door, ready to bolt and lock herself in the bathroom I supposed. "We meet up for lunch occasionally, just a friends thing, he is getting divorced and is very low about it, we chat, that is all. Well... normally. But today, things just got our of hand."

I got up and sat on the sofa, my wife looked relieved, she could see I was not mad at her. "Sit here," I said. She only hesitatedly came over, and sat as far from me as the sofa would allow, now that I knew I could see marks on her skin and knew they were from her lover's hands, her freshly fucked cunt leaked a little juice onto the sofa cushion.

"I said tell me everything."

She hesitated, judging my mood. "He told me he had moved out and got a flat in town, close by, he asked if I would come look at it, advise him on curtains and stuff, things his wife used to do. It was on the fourth floor, we walked up the stairs, he lagged behind and I suddenly realised he was doing it so he could look up my skirt." I reached out and she flinched, but I just stroked one smooth thigh, I could clearly see finger marks on it. "I should have known," she admitted. "But it was nice, being admired, I looked back at him because I wanted him to know that I knew, When we got to his door he put his arms around me and kissed me, and fondled my bum." She looked distant, reliving the moment.

"When he opened his door I came to my senses and told him I had to go, but he pushed me inside and was all over me, kissing and groping, he got his hand down my panties and stroked my pussy." I slid over to her and put my hand onto her damp mound, she looked down at it, and licked her lips, her voice became a bit hoarse.

"I could not stop him so I said, 'you won't rape me' but he laughed and said I was going to get fucked, and it was up to me how he would do it, the easy way or the hard way." Her legs parted and I slipped a finger into her, it felt like wet silk. "He turned me round and got his hands up my top and squeezed my breasts." I slid my free hand up and squeezed a nude breast, the nipple solid and straining. She always wore a bra when going out, I used to tease her about it. But today she had left it home.

"He did it really hard and I felt dizzy, my legs went and he pushed me onto the sofa and stripped me and sucked my breasts." I pused her back, eased off her top and suckled on each nipple. "He got undressed," her voice was nearly a croak now. I stood up and took off my clothes. "I kept my legs together, he got angry." I could relate to that, she has very strong legs. "He said if I did not open them he would fuck my mouth instead, so I did and he got on me and pushed up into me hard, I...begged...him...to...stop!" Her last words came out as hard gasps as I entered her slippery cunt and started fucking her hard and fast, my prick made slurping sounds in her pre-soaked cunt. Her arms and legs were around me and she gasped into my ear: "He used me like a dockside whore, fucked me and shot up me, then the bastard made me suck him off anyway."

I groaned and had to pull out for a minute to avoid cuming, my cock was covered in lathered up juices and cum. "He made me do it until he was hard again and then he pushed me down on my front and fucked me from behind."

The image and her words were just too much, I exploded into her and added my cum to her lover's. But my wife had not had enough, she pushed my head down and I obediently licked up the double dose of cum and her own juices while she described in pornographic detail how after he came a second time she had to rub his prick with her tits.

When she finally let me up I took her from behind too and when we were too exhausted to go on I lay on her and asked, "but why did you not clean up afterwards?"

She let out a muffled laugh into the sofa cushion. "He would not let me, he wanted me to go home full of his cum and smelling of him." She stiffened suddenly and twisted to look at me. "You don't suppose he knew your ship was coming in early do you?"
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22 Dec 2017 08:19
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RE: The taste of a cheating wife

A very naughty story that was well worth reading again.
I must trawl through the erotic true stories again sometime. The truth is so often far better than the fiction on here.

Nil Satis Nisi Optimum 
26 Jul 2018 23:22
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RE: The taste of a cheating wife

We both loved reading this-such a sexy story!
Something wonderful about the taste of another guys cream as it leaks out of a well worked pussy!

Mikki-always horny
Carole-lady in the street-whore in the bedroom!
28 Jul 2018 07:42
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RE: The taste of a cheating wife

Great read, nearly a year old but still hot.
02 Dec 2018 15:16
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