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The General Chat Thread (3)

Voshigirl Offline
supersensual member lol


Joined: Feb 2017
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RE: The General Chat Thread (3)

I hope it works out for you Mr Wolf.

Please read my BIO.
30 Mar 2018 20:19
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yurigagarin Offline
Indefinable !!


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RE: The General Chat Thread (3)

(30 Mar 2018 10:38)Wolfman Wrote:  up for the old chop at work end of may

have an interview lined up next week.

in need of a change to be honest, could be a blessing!
Sorry to hear your news Wolfie, but don't forget these things happen for a reason!
It will be a blessing no doubt, a man of your talents is bound to be greatly sought after !

" As one door closes, another door to a new chapter in your life opens!"

There are no strangers on this forum - just sexy friends you have yet to chat with !
31 Mar 2018 01:24
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Diamond123 Offline
Diamond Moderator


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RE: The General Chat Thread (3)

Good luck with the interview Wolfie we'll all be tooting for you

Happy Easter to everyone on the forum

If you don't try it how do you know you don't like it?
(This post was last modified: 03 Apr 2018 18:55 by Diamond123.)
01 Apr 2018 06:24
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Wolfman Offline
Lovable old wolfie!


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RE: The General Chat Thread (3)

Thanks all

Hope you all enjoying the Chocolate!
01 Apr 2018 21:32
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