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Surrey Dogging

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Surrey Dogging

So I've recently moved to Surrey, and tonight I was super horny and thought I'd venture out with the hope to meet some of the opposite sex who also would be interested in a spot of dogging.
I check online to see where the closest dogging spot was, I found one and travelled to said spot. I waited for an hour and a half in that time to my disappointment only 3 cars turned up and all men. Was not a successful night at all as I don't swing that way! So I've sadly come home and had to seek out other ways to unload my burden.
Is there anyone out there who could advise me on where to go!
Cheers jay!

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RE: Surrey Dogging

I live in Surrey, I've visited a ton of dogging spots over the past year or so. 95% of the time it's a few men who stay in their cars and don't get involved, but very occasionally there are some pretty damn hot women who show up too. You might have to wait a few hours, and usually you'll end up disappointed, but occasionally you can get some real hot stuff to happen.

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I have a fetish involving any award, merit, or school certificates and always short of supply. If you have any sitting in an old folder somewhere, or any you don't mind parting with, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you! Heart
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