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Is phone sex dead

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RE: Is phone sex dead

(12 Jan 2018 22:01)TVTasmin Wrote:  
(12 Jan 2018 21:57)Bernobo Wrote:  
(12 Jan 2018 19:50)King2E4 Wrote:  Phone sex isn't dead at all. Okay, yes, more people use social media to have some sort of dirty chat, but phone sex is still a thing for those who live very far from each other or those who can't see each other often.

I have never done it simply because it's kind of creepy and you don't know who's listening (hint, hint..the government).

Don't these people have Skype etc. by now?
Skype is always rushed and made to satisfy the guys demands
If two people agree on phone sex, they do so for their mutual demands (e.g. a couple seperated by distance due to business trip or whatever).
The same applies to Skype, both agree because it is for the demand of both involved. They just use the technology available to them.
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13 Jan 2018 10:52
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