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Slave looking for master (chat only)

Kayden9099 Offline


Joined: Sep 2017
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Slave looking for master (chat only)

I am a submissive looking for a dom to punish me...

Chat only unfortunately and would have to remain completely anonymous due to my job. So creative people only... Wink
12 Sep 2017 23:29
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Voshigirl Offline
supersensual member lol


Joined: Feb 2017
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RE: Slave looking for master (chat only)

Hi and welcome. Enjoy, I'm sure you will find help, prob not me as I'm a girl

Please read my BIO.
13 Sep 2017 01:03
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Sowerby Offline
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Joined: Aug 2017
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RE: Slave looking for master (chat only)

Welcome. There are sites like Fetlife that would probably be a good source. This is however a great site to share experiences and I'm sure we'd love to hear yours Smile

Facial....so there's a 'let me hypnotise you and cum on you emo' - but no 'flash me' emo? Huh
13 Sep 2017 06:42
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