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Am I really being chatted up?

Mrs T Offline


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Am I really being chatted up?

Hello. I recently entered a chat room out of curiosity and got talking to a gentleman. We both chatted about our involvement with junior football teams, my two sons both play but because the elder son is in one team, coached by my husband, I often have to be with my younger son if the games clash or are in different places. There are a small number of mums that come to every game and some more that occasionally come, but there is an almost full turn out of dads. After describing how I looked, the person in the chat room started asking if I flirted with any of the dads or if they flirted with me and I said some were nice but I wouldn't say any flirting took place. He then started asking if the same man or men chatted to me, if they told me jokes and if we laughed together.    
I said "yes, but I hadn't considered that would be taken as flirting". He said it would be and especially if they sometimes touch me as they are talking to me, or I touch them, and again I said that happens but I didn't think they might take that to mean we are flirting. He said it definitely was flirting and that at least one of them would be trying to continue flirting to "get into your knickers" as he put it.
I think he wanted to try to make me admit I was having an affair with someone or something, and I said I didn't think the things he mentioned meant anyone was flirting with me. He asked if I had made regular eye contact with anyone in particular, and I said there was one man who I regularly spoke with, and I thought OMG is this man really flirting with me in the hope of 'getting into my knickers'. He asked if we had only talked about the kids and the football or things like when I might be alone in the house, and again I thought OMG, we have, but that was just chatting surely.
To be sure, he said had anyone asked me for my mobile number, and by now I was very flustered as one man has but only so that I can arrange a lift whenever my husband cant take me. I quit the chat room as I was still feeling this man was trying to get me into admitting something that wasn't true but when I checked some recent messages from the man from the football team, I noticed they could be taken in different ways.
Do you think men (who are mostly married) would flirt with a married mum at junior football in the hope of things going beyond flirting?

The texts were "Hi, are we ok for a lift for the football again?". "Yes, certainly, no need to check, it'll be a pleasure taking you." "Ok, thx, that's very kind." "No worries, I'd always be willing you give you one." 

Thank you for any views or suggestions.
12 Sep 2013 00:08
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bumblebee Offline
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RE: Am I really being chatted up?

Sometimes flirting is just flirting! It's fun and there's nothing wrong with it!

welcome to the forum (sorry for the rushed reply, in a manic rush this morning)
12 Sep 2013 06:06
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thetourist Offline
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RE: Am I really being chatted up?

Interesting post!

I think flirting (even if that's what it is) is harmless enough if it doesn't go any further. If you are confident you can handle it, enjoy it.

Your chat room friend is making a big assumption to suggest those football dads are trying to get in your knickers. I honestly don't think most men think like that.

In my long experience of being a man, and a boy before that, I would say it's almost impossible for men and women to even speak without some kind of electricity passing between them, but it doesn't have to be 10,000 volts.
12 Sep 2013 07:50
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RE: Am I really being chatted up?

I agree with tourist, flirting can be harmless fun, and you should enjoy it, and even if the men do want to get into your knickers, it takes two to tango so your fully in control.

everyone enjoys playful banter, it makes us feel good about our selves but it doesn't automatically mean we are going to jump into bed with everyone we wink at. and just because someone is helpful doesn't mean their after your knickers.

I try and be as helpful as i can to everyone around me, and i'd only jump into bed with third of them Tongue but on a serious note, most of the time we tend to over think why something is happening or why someone did something for us and we worry about it for no reason.

I say theres nothing wrong with a bit of flirting, but if it does ever take a turn for something more sinister then you can always take a step back.
12 Sep 2013 09:57
Topper Offline
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RE: Am I really being chatted up?

It sounds to me as though the person you were chatting with was getting a kick out of it and pushing you to imply that you were unfaithful.

I can often be a little flirty with women even though I'm married, but would never do it with the intention of it going any further, however I'm sure the same is not true for everyone. Whether someone was trying to push it further or not though, the choice is yours to make, not theirs.

Jeez, did you see that head come apart?
12 Sep 2013 09:59
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Mrs Topper Offline
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RE: Am I really being chatted up?

Yeah that's definitely flirting. A bit or harmless flirting is fun, just take it as flattering and enjoy the attention!
12 Sep 2013 10:43
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