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An Online Encounter

Ronnie Offline
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An Online Encounter

In the past I have written a few erotic short stories, this is one of those. I hope you enjoy.

We spoke regularly on a social media site. We had met on a sex site and continued to chat away from that site where we could do so 'undisturbed'.

That evening I was on the computer browsing when her 'ping' alerted me. I read her message. She was angry. It had been a hard day at work and she was stressed. As usual this caused her to be more aroused than normal. I listened to her rant about her manager and the staff. I interrupted her to ask how horny she was. I knew how she would respond and told her to go to the bedroom - to the laptop.

When she next responded she was at her laptop. I told her to remove her panties. A pause, and then she confirmed that she was naked from the waist down. 'Touch yourself.' I insisted. Her broken responses satisfied me that she was doing as she was told. 'Place 2 fingers inside yourself now, kitten'. Once more her responses confirmed that she had done as she was instructed. I played with her like that for a while. Telling her to finger herself, tease her clit as she ran her fingers up and down her slit. As her response became more incoherent, I knew she was ready.

'Turn on your cam for me!'. 

In a few minutes the screen flickered and I saw her appear on screen. Leaning back across the bed, blouse open and tits pulled over her bra, her panties around one ankle and her wet lips glistening.

'Now, kitten, stand and show me how wet you are!'. She slid from the bed and turned her back to the camera. Bending forward she pulled apart her cheeks and opened her moist hole. I could see it glisten and shine. Sliding two fingers up and down her slit I saw her moisture cling to her fingers and stretch between her hole and finger tips.

'Turn and face me, kitten. Pull apart your lips and gently rub your clit for me'.

She did as she was told - of course. One thing I did know was that she would always do as I told her. Spreading her lips, I could see her hood stretch and her clit glow at the top. Her fingers gently flicking across her bud. Sliding up and down the side of her swollen lips and then back across her clit. She moaned loudly. Beginning to loose herself now.

'Fuck yourself, kitten. Do it hard for me and let me see how you cum'. 

Pushing her fingers deep inside her pussy. She bent slightly and start to slap her fingers deep into her stretched hole. Fucking herself hard, I could see her smooth lips soaked with her juices as they started to flow. Her voice trembling as she lost control. She fucked harder and pulled her fingers from her hole suddenly as she squirted freely down her thighs and over the floor. Pumping herself several more times until she was done. Tired and breathing heavily, her hair disheveled and neck scarlet.

I am hard and intensely aroused. Without taking time to think I tell her........

'I want you to come to me. Naked wearing only a raincoat, stockings and heels.' Before I could stop myself, I had sent my address to her.

She went quiet and then responded............. 'Give me 30 minutes'

In that 30 minutes, my mind raced. It happened spontaneously - before I knew what I was doing. I suppose I did not really expect her to agree. As my mind was still considering all this I heard the doorbell ring. I hesitated and wondered about answering it. However, I was now becoming excited, I was beginning to feel quite breathless. 

My fingers fumbled on the handle as I turned it and slowly opened the door. She stood there dressed as I had directed. A raincoat belted at the waist. Below the belt, it flared out. Shining black heels which made her at least 6 inches taller and black seemed stockings. Softly she whispered........

'Will I do, sir?" 

The tension broken, I smiled and ushered her in. Taking her hand, I led her to the lounge. Positioning her in the centre of the room, I sat down and told her to give me a moment as I looked her over. Telling her to turn. To lift her heels. They had red soles, almost new. The seems of her stockings perfectly straight leading from her heels to her thighs. Disappearing beneath her coat. Her hair flowing over the neck of the coat.

Having her turn again, I told her to unfasten the belt. Her fingers fumbled on the buckle. Her head raised suddenly to glance in my direction as she hesitated. I gestured with my finger for her to hurry. Her head dropped once more and she completed unfastening the belt. 

Next I urged her to hurry and unfasten the buttons. From the top she worked down and the coat began to part. Her cleavage first began to appear. As she got lower, she hesitated once more. 'Do it!' I insisted. She struggled with the lower buttons, but gradually she freed them and the coat was unfastened.

'Show me yourself!' I instructed. She moved towards me but I stopped her with a gesture. She had to be where I could see all of her clearly.

Gripping the coat she opened it slowly. My eyes first drawn to her breasts. Her nipples hard and erect. The coat clearly had been rubbing against those. As I look lower, I can tell that she has shaved before coming to me. Still pink, soft and wet. This is arousing her, even if she is intimidated by all of this.

I tell her to turn and she complies. Her ass moves and her thighs rub together as she turns away from me. Clenching her cheeks, I tell her to relax and turn around once more.

When she is facing me, I smile at her and tell her to caress herself and play with herself. She gulps but her hands go to her boobs. Cupping one and teasing a nipple with her other hand. She starts to pull on her nipple. Squeezing it and making herself gasp. Her eyes start to close slightly as she moves her hand over to her other breast. Brushing the nipple as she starts to press it with the palm of her hand. Then both hands start to play with her tits. Squeezing them, kneading them. Pulling on her nipples as she starts to become more aroused. 

'Harder' I tell her. Briefly her eyes flicker as she does as she is told. Squeezing one nipple firmly as she moans. Then the other. Pulling on both as she starts to make herself gasp louder. Cupping each nipple in her palm as she squeezes below her nipple. As if she is trying to make it flow. Running her closed fingers along each nipple to its tip. Her thighs parting now as she starts to enjoy this. Her pussy lips are still tight forming a perfect slit. But even like this, I can see she is glistening.

'Run your hands over your body' she is told. One hand leaves her tits and drops across her tummy. Gently rubbing it as it lowers. Her other hand does not leave her breast. She is reluctant to stop massaging and pinching it. Still she moans as she does this and I understand that she enjoys a little pain. 

Her eyes now firmly closed, she rubs below her belly button.

'Finger it!' I command. 'Finger it now, kitten!' She flashes open her eyes as she runs a finger between her slit. Losing it between her lips. I watch as she draws it back up over her clit and notice how moist it is. Teasing her clit with her wet finger, she seems lost as she starts to rub her clit. I reprimand her and tell her that she must enter herself. She spreads her thighs a bit more and reaches between her thighs and I watch as her finger slips inside her hole. As she starts to fuck herself with that single finger, her lips part more and I can see how wet she now is. Glistening in the light as she masturbates freely now. Still squeezing her nipple with her other hand.

'Open yourself and fuck yourself deep'. She sighs in disappointment at having to leave her tits. I stand and reach across to her. Slapping her ass firmly. She is surprised and stares at me. Almost in tears as she realises that she has been punished. 

'Sorry, sorry, sir, I meant nothing!'

Then doing as she has been instructed, she spreads her lips with two fingers and slides another two inside her wet hole. 

'Now, kitten, let me see you cum.'

Her face relaxes once more as she smiles softly. Eyes still closed. She starts to push her fingers deep inside herself. Fucking herself deep. As her fingers slide out, I see how coated they are. She is thick and creamy as she starts to push deeper into her wet, hole. Stretching herself wider. Two fingers on her other hand still part her lips while another teases her clit. Gently rubbing and flicking it. As she fingers herself faster and hard, her head drops and her hair hangs down. Standing there, naked apart from her heels and stockings with her fingers deep up inside herself. Her tits hanging slightly and quivering as she starts to moan hard. 

Beginning to pant now as she gets closer. Her hand moving faster inside her wet hole. Probing deeper and as she does, she gasps as she hits her sweet spot. 

'Come closer', I command. She shuffles to within a metre of my face and continues to masturbate as I run my hand across her ass. As she starts to rub her clit harder and spreads her lips wider, I slap the side of her ass gently. She moans but does not open her eyes. Her fingers slide from her soaking hole and she starts to rub her clit in front of my face as she holds apart her lips.

Once more I slap her ass and she gasps as she continues to spread her slips and show me herself teasing her clit.

'Cum now, kitten', I tell her.

'Thank you, sir', she whispers and starts it fuck herself hard once more with her fingers. Squeezing three inside herself at times. Rubbing those wet fingers across her clit. She starts to moan as she feels herself start to cum.

But before she can, I run my hand around the back of her ass. Teasing her puckered hole, I press gently and my finger slides effortlessly into her tight hole.

She groans loudly at the surprise of this. But immediately apologises as she rubs herself harder. She starts to pant loudly as her thighs shake and she mutters......

'Can sir see me cum? Am I right for you, sir' Holding herself back momentarily.

'Yes, kitten, you are doing well. Now you can please yourself.'

At this she, lets go and rubs her clit hard and fast, Her fingers almost disappearing between her lips as she presses on her hood. My finger pushing deeper inside her ass. As her thighs part wide she starts to leak freely as she starts to squirt. Her moisture running down her inner thighs.

I clench her ass as she starts to cum hard. Her head bowed and hair swinging. Tits shaking as the spasms shoot though her body. Her tummy tightening as her hand presses firmly onto her clit and holds it there until her breathing has steadied and she can relax.

As she recovers, she raises her head and brushes her hair with her hand. Letting out a long low breathe she tries to steady herself.

As I look at her, I say........

'Let me taste your fingers, kitten'

She smiles broadly and holds out her hand. I take each finger into my mouth and savour the taste of her wet pussy from each before running my tongue up her thighs to clean between her legs.

'Did you enjoy that, kitten? Are you ready to start now'

She smiles broadly!
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03 Sep 2017 12:12
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Harley Offline
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RE: An Online Encounter

Wow...this is a good'un too....where did all these stories spring up from suddenly gents?!

Well written and a good taste of what's hopefully left to come!

I was a little detached reading the webcam part but then you immediately draw the reader in with the flip to 'reality'.

I like that she's not too confident standing there and the whole scenario of being ordered to do these things. I mean basically anyone could refuse but who would want to?!
04 Sep 2017 21:57
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Ronnie Offline
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RE: An Online Encounter

(04 Sep 2017 21:57)Harley Wrote:  Wow...this is a good'un too....where did all these stories spring up from suddenly gents?!

Well written and a good taste of what's hopefully left to come!

I was a little detached reading the webcam part but then you immediately draw the reader in with the flip to 'reality'.

I like that she's not too confident standing there and the whole scenario of being ordered to do these things. I mean basically anyone could refuse but who would want to?!
Thanks for a really useful critique, Harley. I appreciate that.
05 Sep 2017 12:26
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Running Man Online
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RE: An Online Encounter

What a great story this is. It had me reading each paragraph quicker and quicker to see what was going to happen.
I too loved how quickly the virtual, camera sex became real, 'in your face' sex.

Nil Satis Nisi Optimum 
11 Dec 2018 19:01
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