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My wife is this a normal fantasy?

whitley_stu Offline
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Joined: Aug 2017
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RE: My wife is this a normal fantasy?

I often have a genital handshake!... just happens to be my hand that does the shaking

I'm always ready to chat!
13 Sep 2017 09:57
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kingDoms_sub Offline
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RE: My wife is this a normal fantasy?

Nothing wrong with being friendly to yourself Stu

13 Sep 2017 09:59
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Running Man Offline
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RE: My wife is this a normal fantasy?

I just found myself drawn to this cheeky little wife sharing thread my friends.
If you're going to have a read, then it's well worth starting at the beginning in my humble opinion.

Nil Satis Nisi OptimumĀ 
20 Jun 2019 22:32
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Hovis Offline
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RE: My wife is this a normal fantasy?

Mr Running Man. What are you doing? Other than attempting to annoy me everyday. Can't you seem to understand that we have moved. You must have noticed that all new and revived threads are being closed. I'm trying to keep the MOVED notice at the top of the list so that guests and members have a signpost to where we have gone.

Also find our sister site at http://www.uksf2.co.uk
(This post was last modified: 21 Jun 2019 14:11 by Hovis.)
21 Jun 2019 07:56
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