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A wee drinkie

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RE: A wee drinkie

(28 Jan 2018 10:59)yurigagarin Wrote:  
(28 Jan 2018 10:08)Fingers Wrote:  Not just a full moon, but a Super, Blood, Blue moon!

Close to earth - so large
In eclipse - so blood
The second full moon in the calendar month - so blue. (as in "once in a blue moon")
Not happened since 1866, hopefully be able to see it.

Drinks wise, I quite like gin, but it is Mrs. F's tipple and she is building a collection of them. 
I have about 10 malts whiskies now, the secret is to leave about a third of a bottle and buy another one. Always get a few for Christmas and my birthday - which helps. 
Favorites are the strong peaty ones from Islay.

We also drink quite a lot of wine....
Good choices Fingers !
On special occasions I always like to open my bottle of Talisker.
Lovely peaty flavour from the Isle of Skye!
I liked single malt too much, Lagavulin from Islay, and Guinness, gave me a beer gut and the start of what could have been a problem so I quit drinking alcohol completely in 1989, apart from the odd lapse, stuck to it, fags were the next to go, quit those nearly 7 years ago Big Grin
28 Jan 2018 12:57
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RE: A wee drinkie

Well done BrokenEye!
29 Jan 2018 20:10
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RE: A wee drinkie

(29 Jan 2018 20:10)Fingers Wrote:  Well done BrokenEye!
TBH I don't drink at all normally, but I might taste a wee dram tonight to celebrate talking
to all my friends again !!

'There are no strangers on this forum, just sexy friends you have yet to chat with '
29 Jan 2018 20:45
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