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Being the opposite sex

Christian Offline
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RE: Being the opposite sex

(18 Sep 2017 18:07)Ronnie Wrote:  Yes, I think so. I think women can attract attention much easier than guys and have an incredible amount of sexual power over men - should they wish to use it. Even submissive women can use that as a means of control.

I also think that women have much stronger orgasm's than men and seem to lose control more easily when they are in the 'throws'. So, I am interested to know how it feels for that to build in them, how far the sensations spread and how strong it is.

Finally, I hate my nipples being played with. Always have. So, I would be really interested in experiencing what a woman does when her nipples are played with.

So, yes, I would like to try it.
It works both ways ;P Guys can have control over women if they are handsome enough. ;P

Veni, Vidi, Vici
20 Sep 2017 19:58
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RE: Being the opposite sex

(20 Sep 2017 09:25)Coffee2sugars Wrote:  I am curious to know what an orgasm feels like from a females point of view.

I would have to be a lesbian though becaus the idea of a man sucking, licking or penetrating me has no appeal whatsoever lol.
Awesome! Can be a full body experience ... maybe that's why being a man doesn't appeal to me

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21 Sep 2017 08:02
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RE: Being the opposite sex

If I was a female I'd be a proper whore haha. Cocks in every hole maybe more than one in each
04 Jul 2020 23:45
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