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Spent too much

Morwen Offline
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RE: Spent too much

(01 Aug 2017 15:26)mlm1234 Wrote:  Whats the most anybody spent in a row on something they just want then?

Red and I had a trip to Camden about 2 years ago. Spent about £1700 in four days on clothes for us both. That was pretty epic. We'd both been skint for a while, and then had a windfall so it felt justified haha.

Other than that, the last time I probably did something like that was the laptop I'm writing on now. Went in to get red a new laptop as his was as old as the ark and I saw this baby sitting there, £780, all shiny and pretty. Walked away with his new lappy and this... ooops. thank fuck for student finance haha.
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01 Aug 2017 15:37
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Mr dominant Offline
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RE: Spent too much

(31 Jul 2017 08:35)naturegirl1 Wrote:  
(31 Jul 2017 07:06)Mr dominant Wrote:  
(30 Jul 2017 20:50)naturegirl1 Wrote:  I am getting very turned on by the iPhone SE 128gb, just need to convince hubby that £400+ is justified....

Of course he is going to read this at some point, so if I am not around this time next week, try looking under our patio....

You don't want to get a SE since it will be rendered obsolete by next year and you won't get your money's worth out off that phone.

You should get a iPhone 6s instead you will get a another 2 years at least out off that and will probably cost you the same amount off money.

You can trust what I am talking about I have been with Apple since the very first iPhone.

If you need any tech advice at all then feel free to talk to me about it anytime.

Mr Dominant. X


A neighbour works for EE and reckons the 6 will be obsolete before the SE as the SE outsells the 6 by a considerable margin as well as the 7 . The SE could have up to 4 years of life as it runs the same hardware as the 6 but in a more desirable package. The 8 launches later this year and that is more likely to kill off the 6, according to him anyway.

The iPhone 6 yes not the iPhone 6s it's bigger and is the same as the SE. The SE packs all the tech off the iPhone 6s into a 4 inch phone.

It's better buying the 6s because you will get the same time out off it as the SE.

Apple always does a s version off there phones and they last a lot longer.

I have the 7 I probably will get a 8 when it comes out just worried about it being all glass and if I drop it breaking.

I will wait and see.

If you want a smaller phone go for the SE if you want a bigger screen and better battery go for the 6s model

Mr Dominant.
02 Aug 2017 16:24
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mlm1234 Offline
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RE: Spent too much

i once spent over £700 on a four day pub crawl with about under 8 hours of sleep.  once it ended so drunk that i had book a train tickets to Disneyland aswell for us.  lost about week worth of memory.  
02 Aug 2017 16:45
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