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The urge to cheat...

mikki Offline
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RE: The urge to cheat...

Jus thought I put this on hard-his is what happens wen u cheat on it o/h.
2 nites ago Mike put his first post on here for ages-mite b his last-he took a overdose later on n is now in intensive care n fighting for his life.
This is a result of my not bein honest n goin wth someone behind his back n reckin his life-now I will not get any chance of ever putting thngs rite-noow I'm facing losing him 4 good.
Bitterly regret cheatin on him more than ever now and can never forgiv myself-i know that my kids wil never forgive me ether.
Praps I shuld join him .

12 Jun 2019 07:12
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Iamsomoney Offline
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RE: The urge to cheat...

Sorry to hear that Carole. Fingers crossed for a full recovery.
12 Jun 2019 16:53
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Hovis Offline
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RE: The urge to cheat...

Carole, I am so sorry this is happening. There is very little support we can off you other than a listening ear.

Mike is responsible for his own actions. What you have done may well have been a catalyst, but the decision to act as he has done is entirely his. Many people have been in the same situation, you are not the first and will not be the last.

If you join us at http://www.uksf2.co.uk im sure we will continue to offer you as much help as we possibly can. I hope you do join us.

Time to leap to http://www.uksf2.co.uk
12 Jun 2019 19:24
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