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Hands Free Orgasm

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RE: Hands Free Orgasm

(15 Sep 2017 06:34)Sowerby Wrote:  
(14 Sep 2017 12:43)BittenJ Wrote:  when I am subject to pain I almost all the time get orgasm and even sometimes when I am told what will happen
I can't decide if the infliction of pain counts as hands free.
I'm picturing the pain I get from my partner squeezing my nipples and scraping her nails across my cock and scrotum....that makes me orgasm - and while its not officially rubbing my cock, I suppose that wouldn't count as hands-free.
In truth, its whatever gets us going....
Great post Sowerby.
But I'm talking about totally hands free. Not even being anywhere near the person giving you the orgasm.
It was simply a text that made me cum. And not even a picture text!
I'm just glad I wasn't driving at the time!!

Nil Satis Nisi OptimumĀ 
21 Sep 2017 09:11
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