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Another newbie who has dreams

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RE: Another newbie who has dreams

(09 Mar 2019 03:26)Bicuriousguy Wrote:  Last few weeks, I’ve been chatting to a guy on another site. Last week we met up at his house not too far from me. I was very nervous as I’ve had such little experience with guys and also it had been a few years since my last. He’s a lot older then me. We chatted in his living room about life in general then slowly spoke about so,e of our kinks. I was extremely nervous but at the same time, reminding myself why I’m there. We were sat at opposite ends of his living room. I asked him to come sit next to me. We chatted more and I placed my hand on his leg and rubbed his thigh as we chatted. I then went in for the kiss and we kissed for quite sometime. I pulled his face in towards me closer and kissed him more passionately and also kissed his neck and ear. I gently big on his lip as I kissed him and then rubbed his crotch through his jeans. By this point, the nerves were a big calmer and I was feeling more excited. As we were kissing, I undid his belt and buttons on his jeans. I told him to stand up and pulled his jeans and boxers down and I was impressed with what I saw. He had a huge dick, around 7” and very thick. I did t waste any time. I dropped on my knees and sucked his dick nice and slow before being a big rougher with it and sucking it. I tried to fit it down my throat but it was too big and I kept gagging but I loved it and kept trying. I went back up and kissed him more before going down on him again. By this point, I was loving it. I kept spitting on his dick and sucking it good. Spat on his balls and shoved them in my mouth one by one and then both. This went on for about 45 minutes before he exploded all over my lips. I felt so naughty but loved it. We’re now talking about meeting up again soon. Smile
Hi-the sayin abt evrythng  cumming to people who wait long enough is true .
Sounds like you hav found ur guy so go for it  hun n enjoy evry minute -life's to short lol.

09 Mar 2019 08:16
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RE: Another newbie who has dreams

That's a great story BCG. Guess you are a little less curious now. Hope your next meeting is just as eventful

If you don't try it how do you know you don't like it?
09 Mar 2019 09:33
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