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mlm1234 Offline
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Joined: May 2017
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How many of you are out there that enjoy crossdressing/drag in some form?
What do you like doing well dressed?
Whats your favorite outfit?
01 Jun 2017 19:37
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mikki Offline
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Joined: Nov 2016
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RE: CD/Drag

I have enjoyed cross dressing for a few years now and doing so makes me feel complete as a person.
I really love dressing up as sexily as i can when im going to be spending time with someone as i find it makes me so much more horny!!
Favourite wear HAS got to be my six inch heeled thigh or crotch boots with tiny pvc mini skirt and tight corset -oh -and not forgetting lovely lacey topped hold-ups!
Long pvc or satin gloves-preferably to the shoulder help me to create a look that usually gets guys cocks throbbing nicely!
I tend to go for either hoods or masks which leave my mouth exposed-important when giving oral!!
Classic red lippy is also a must.
Fucking or being fucked while dressed up gives me one hell of a thrill-its mind blowing to be honest!
Would really love to find a trustworthy person to help me get some porny piccies done at some point!

mikki XX
02 Jun 2017 18:50
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Angkit Offline
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RE: CD/Drag

I do some CD here and there, it's definitely a wonderful sensation, I personally have kept it as a closet thing and haven't really shown anyone about it.

I love the idea of wearing a bodycon dress with a pair of black tights and possibly either heels or ballet flats it makes feel incredibly horny and sexy, alternatively I sometimes like wearing a cute flared out skirt with black tights and heels.

03 Jul 2017 10:14
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Running Man Online
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RE: CD/Drag

I'm more of a lingerie wearer myself.
There's nothing sexiest than spending the whole day at work wearing my wife's knickers and, occasionally, her tights!

Nil Satis Nisi OptimumĀ 
03 Jul 2017 14:16
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