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Best Ever Sex?

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Happy To Share


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RE: Best Ever Sex?

(09 Mar 2019 15:52)Lady L Wrote:  
(09 Mar 2019 14:24)Running Man Wrote:  What a fantastic sexy and sensual thread this is.
I've just read it from the start and there are so many beautifully written posts contained within it.
I must think of another 'Best Sex Ever' story that I can share on here.
Fortunately, I have so many to choose from, many of which don't involve my right hand.

Thanks RM for bringing my old thread back to life. It's been lovely reading my own "best ever sex" - maybe I'll surprise hubby with some retro loving tonight! 
You're very welcome Lady L.
I can't  believe that such a thread has lain dormant for so long.
I was quite aroused by the time I'd finished reading page one!

Nil Satis Nisi Optimum 
09 Mar 2019 20:15
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