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Sexual Bucket List Question 

yurigagarin Offline
Indefinable !!


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RE: Sexual Bucket List

(25 Aug 2018 21:21)kingDoms_sub Wrote:  
(25 Aug 2018 21:13)yurigagarin Wrote:  
(25 Aug 2018 20:59)kingDoms_sub Wrote:  Definitely some couple swapping how for us, we are on a mission!

I'd also like to be spanked by 2+ men in the same sesson, like a queue.

Getting very into the idea of pussy torture too and maybe some online humiliation.

The list grows by the day, I'll be honest!

Getting to like your bucket list a lot kds !!

Haha what would you like.to do?!
I'm too shy to say kds !

'There are no strangers on this forum, just sexy friends you have yet to chat with '
26 Aug 2018 20:36
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Diamond123 Offline
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RE: Sexual Bucket List

Just put him down for all of the above

If you don't try it how do you know you don't like it?
26 Aug 2018 21:13
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Jb6969 Offline
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RE: Sexual Bucket List

(20 Aug 2018 07:08)Jb6969 Wrote:  
(08 Apr 2017 18:15)Jb6969 Wrote:  Inspired by a chat i had recently and from reading the 'kinkiest thing you've done' thread...

What's your top 5 things on your sexual bucket list?

I've been giving mine some thought, and apologies these are probably quite tame in comparison. Stuck with slightly realistic instead of out there ones;

1. Tit fuck to cumshot
2. Mutual masturbation with the Mrs
3. Have sex on her desk in the home office
4. Get her to ride me reverse cowgirl
5. Morning shower sex

Revisiting mine too, none ticked of yet unfortunately. Still having fun working in them though.

Hrm, seems like a good time for an update... #2, #4 and #5 ticked off. Mutual masturbation, mmmmm is so good damn sexy watching her pleasure herself while I'm stroking my cock.

Obviously adding #6 as BJ and #7 cumming in her mouth, both of which never made the list as previously thought impossible.

And #8, a good ole 69.

Tittyfuck to cumshot was a stretch goal but I'm thinking may be doable, so that's starting in the list. Sex outside the bedroom has been discussed openly, office sex being on both out lists now but timing without kids is a problem lol.

The new list then...

1. Tittyfuck to cumshot
2. Sex in many places, including the office
3. Mutual masturbation and finishing myself onto her stomach/tits/pussy (into her mouth?? Too far maybe)
4. Oiled up "slippery sex"
5. A naughty or even x-rated pic
05 Jul 2021 21:59
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Lady L Offline
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RE: Sexual Bucket List

(10 Apr 2017 10:24)Lady L Wrote:  Well here is mine, in no particular order;

1. More simultaneous orgasms.
2. Try Tantric sex/massage with hubby.
3. Have total recall about previous lovers and sexual experiences! This would please  
hubby no end!!
4. Be brave enough to have a threesome without experiencing any guilt afterwards!!
5. Full day in bed with alternate gentle, tender lovemaking and frenzied no holds barred sex.

Phew , I need a lie down after that, but I've got to go shopping instead!!

Like Jb, I thought I'd revisit my list (can't believe it's 4 years ago!).

1. Had a few but more effort is needed! 
2. Not done yet, but more research is definitely something I'm going to look into.
3. Unless someone invents a drug or truth serum, I fear this is unobtainable.☹
4. Not done either. Talked about it a lot though. 
5. Finding time for a full day of pleasure, with teenagers in the house is nigh on impossible, but that's what hotels       were invented for, wasn't it?
05 Jul 2021 23:10
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Jb6969 Offline
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RE: Sexual Bucket List

(05 Jul 2021 23:10)Lady L Wrote:  but that's what hotels       were invented for, wasn't it?

Ahhh hotels.... not been away for work in nearly a year n half now. Hotels were naughty naughty places, but our bedroom is fairly naughty too now!

(05 Jul 2021 22:54)Morwen Wrote:  As for me, I don't really have one... I guess the thing with coming from quite a kink-driven scene in my younger years is that there's not much I've thought "ooh that looks interesting" that I haven't then proposed and tried with my partner lol.

How about an inspired Top5 then? From your experiences and who knows, I might have to swap some of mine out haha.
(This post was last modified: 06 Jul 2021 06:44 by Jb6969.)
06 Jul 2021 06:42
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Running Man Offline
Happy To Share


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RE: Sexual Bucket List

(11 Apr 2017 08:12)Running Man Wrote:  Go on then here goes.
My top five 'wants' are;
1. MMF threesome with my wife and a friend.
2. Oral sex with a man, giving and receiving, with both of us swallowing of course!
3. FFM threesome with my wife and a lady friend.
4. Doctor/patient role play, with me as the doctor of course.
5. Watching another man fuck my wife good and hard doggy style, before cumming inside her.
That feels so much better having got all that off my chest!
Inspired by Lady L and Jb, I'm providing an update on my bucket list plus a couple of additions.

1. MMF; I'm still desperately craving this although my lovely wife has agreed, in principle, to making this dream cum true for me.
2. Oral sex with a man; this still eludes me but the thought of swallowing a hot load of cum from a horny friend still gets me hard every time.
3. FFM; no progress and the thought of a man joining us, rather than a woman, still arouses me infinitely more and sounds like less hard work for me.
4. Doctor/patient role play; I'd actually forgotten about this one which would be so easy to arrange. We did role play a masseur and a lady client some time ago that went really well.
5. Watching; this is linked with number 1 and I'm still craving this wondrous sight.

If I may add two more;
6. I'd really like to be fucked by a well-endowed and convincing crossdresser. I've watched a lot of cd porn lately and the thought of this really turnd me on.
7. Linked in with my MMF dream, I'd really like to be the middle man in a bisexual train. The mental image of me sitting on a cock whilst my own cock is balls deep inside my wife is one that has kept me awake on many a long night.

That's all for now I think!

Nil Satis Nisi Optimum 
06 Jul 2021 11:22
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cartepostal Offline
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Joined: Aug 2013
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RE: Sexual Bucket List

Well, if anyone's interested, here's mine:

To have sex again

Then in no particular order:

Sex with a pregnant woman

Sex with a lactating woman

Sex with a bride (or at least a woman wearing a wedding dress)

To be watched, filmed and photographed having sex

A threesome (MMF and FFM - the thought of watching two women kiss is such a turn on)

Tit fuck to completion

Sex on a train. Either lovemaking on a something like the Orient Express or a quickle in the not terribly clean toilet

Find a woman  with enough patience to prepare me properly for a pegging and who is firm enough not to let me get carried away to early (maybe combine the with a FFM threesome with the other woman sucking my cock or maybe even me trying to fuck her while being pegged)

Take a woman clothes shopping, choosing what I like (from the ground up as it were). Maybe for extra kink I know she's not going to fuck me, but will let me wank while she tries everything on at home. She might even take pity on me and take over at the end, letting me cum over the underwear or nightie she's wearing.

Things I've done before, but want to experience again:

Sex with one particular ex girlfriend. A black woman ten years younger than me who had the most magnificent boobs

Watching women pee

Sex outdoors

Uniforms and roleplay. Namely:
Prostitute/client. Two different roleplays here. One is a street prostitute who is overly made up, dressed revealingly and is cheap. Sex on the car or in a cheap and nasty hotel. Second, a very expensive 'escort' who is beautiful and perfectly dressed and made up, but costs me a fortune.

Medical: me as doctor or patient, her as patient or nurse. Authentic uniforms, but nothing too hardcore, but giving urine samples, speculum and VERY thorough examination using unorthodox techniques.

Teacher/student with me as the teacher, her as a naughty student wearing full uniform who needs a spanking
11 Sep 2021 11:18
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Iamsomoney Offline
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RE: Sexual Bucket List

That is a nice long list cartepistol. Let's hope you get to try all of them at least once
13 Sep 2021 12:41
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mikki Offline
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RE: Sexual Bucket List

One of my fave pornstars is Jordan Kingsley-love how she fucks a BBC.
IM thinkin I'd lik to try fuckin with a huge black dick lol.


Enjoying my best sexy life!!Heart
13 Oct 2021 12:52
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