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Based on fact 1

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Based on fact 1

The Prologue

     As mentioned before we became very good friends with Pete and Audrey.
Audrey originates from the Isle Of Man and had been married before, as had Pete but her husband used to knock her about and put her in Hospital a couple of times. The only way she could escape was to escape to the U.K to get a devoice. But she had some scars to carry.

     We new Pete before in his previous marriage, so when he met Audrey we welcomed her into the fold naturally. She was about 5ft 5 tall, slim, long brown hair and eyes, her mouth was a little too wide but pretty in a plane way. She had two girls in the previous marriage. We had two girls then and they all got on really well.

     They knew my wife had been a model and it was plain to see Pete fancied the pants off her plus he knew she liked a good time when we went out. Lynda would tease him unmercifully at times and did not hold back when she kissed him goodnight.

Chapter 1

     We used to go out as a foursome every once in a while and we had some days out with the kids also, we were both in the same camping club so it was no surprise when it was suggested we all went away together for a weekend. They had a Chalet type tent, we had a caravan. On the weekend we met a the site, we set up and then helped them with their tent. The theory being many hands make light work (not) but it was a good laugh.

     In the evening the kids did their own thing going into the town, they knew where we were if they wanted us. We went to the local hostelry for a couple of drinks and later retire to our caravan and open a bottle of wine. We had a Bar-B-Q on the Saturday evening and the wine flowed again and the kids went off again, the chat got cheekier and Audrey asked Lynda about her modelling career,
she told her how she started and the glamour side. “I would like to see some of your photographs” said Pete.
“well next time you come over you can see them but I have none of the really adult ones because they where copyrighted.” Lynda replied.
“ Pete has taken some of me but just for fun” said Audrey.
“Bring them over and we will have an evening” Lynda replied.
“Did you get some big dicks” asked Audrey.
“Bigger than his,” meaning me,came the reply.

     From then on the tone went down, the girls talking about the sizes of Pate's and my penises and some of the sizes Lynda had played with during modelling. Pete often gave me an embarrassing look but all in all it was a fun night.
I used to fly fish in the summer and play golf on my days off, so a plan was forming in my head. The next day I said to Audrey, “If you would like I could drop in for coffee on Tuesday on my way to Thornton”.
“I would like that” she replied. “ but can you make it after 10 am as Pete often drops in but he is gone by then. I could not wait for Tuesday to come.

     Tuesday came, I loaded all my fishing gear in the car, kissed the wife and set off. I parked in their drive in Enderby. As I got out of the car the lady next door came out and said “hello” and I answered, then I knocked on the door. Audrey opened the door and asked me in said Pete had been and gone. She told me to sit down so I sat on the settee, she came in with the coffees and sat on the large chair opposite. I said I spoke to the lady next door, she answered she was OK the word was she liked girls. We made small talk and I thought, should I make a move on her or not? But I decided on the latter because I did not want to ruin a good friendship if I made the wrong move.
After about an hour I told her I should make a move, thanked her for the coffee and stood up. We both stood and we started to move to the door (a frosted glass one). I went to reach for the knob and she said “are you going to show me your knob then”
“You want to see my dick”
“I would not have said if I didn't, after Saturday night so I thought I should check.”
“So what would you like?”
“Get it out and let me see”
“It would be better if you did the honours” and I pulled her towards me and kissed her, she really responded stroking my manhood through my trousers. Then she stood back and slowly undid my belt, undid the button and lowered my zip. Then she pulled my trousers and pants away so she could look down at my stiff little dick.
“Not bad” she said “let me have a closer look”, with that she lowered all my garments to the floor.
She then took me balls in her hand and gave them a good stretch (that is were the photo comes in). “very nice” she said. I hope you like a bit of pain, and she started the hand job.
“do you do this to Pete” I said
“No” was the reply “only someone I know I can have fun with.” but she really was tugging on my balls.
“If you keep doing that I will come pretty quick”. She gave a little throaty giggle, dropped to her knees and put my cock in her mouth still pulling my balls. Within seconds I shot my load in her mouth and it was a load.
She looked straight up at me, opened her mouth so I could see and swallowed the lot, “I could not spoil the carpet now”. She then stood up and we kissed, I could taste my cum in her mouth, we broke off and she said “you can go now”. So I got dressed and went fishing. Caught my limit and went home.
Until the next time.

Dont knock it till youve tried itMuffdive
04 Mar 2017 17:11
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RE: Based on fact 1

Good stuff, Smile

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