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Cybersex Question 

Rapier69 Offline
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RE: Cybersex

Before computers we had mail. At sea for months on end we used to beg our girlfriends or wives to send us erotic letters, the lucky recipients would read them out to their mess mates, and the really steamy ones would go on the ship's noticeboard; we just had to remember to take them back off before the authors came aboard to welcome us back!

Those without girls could still join in the fun, the Navy News used to publish a list of ladies interested in becoming pen pals for lonely sailors and these were exhorted to get into the spirit, a really good sport would send panties or photographs too.

When I married I was disappointed my new wife was rather restrained when writing, the highlight of her letters would be what she had for dinner, or the latest gossip on the married estate where we lived. When I urged her to send me a pair of her panties she sent me a plain white pair of cotton panties - still in their wrapper.

While ashore in Canada I phoned her up in a drunken state, something you should never do! Like texting when annoyed or tweeting when brain dead (I mean you Trump!)

The next morning the memory of the call came back like reading a Stephen King story, oh god had I really called my new wife a prude and a bore? I had, and worse. As we sailed on up the Great St Laurence canal mail became a regular thing instead of the rare treat. But I cringed at every mail call, dreading the divorce notice, too much of a coward to phone home again and beg for forgiveness.

Weeks of torment tortured me until one day I finally got a letter from my young bride. It contained one frosty line. "Be careful what you wish for!"

As I puzzled over this cryptic threat my neighbour and shipmate was unwrapping a tubular parcel. Out fell a new issue Fiesta men's mag. Flicking through it his eyes widened and he dashed out the Mess with it, we assumed some picture had caught his fancy and he had gone to the Heads to celebrate. But soon word passed around, he had posted the readers wives section on the notice board. Specifically wife of the month, and there, for the crew of 280 horny Jacks, was my blushing bride, fully exposed with absolutely nothing left to the imagination and smiling sweetly at me via the camera man.
14 Dec 2017 15:13
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Running Man Offline
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RE: Cybersex

Great pist Rapier with a fantastic 'punchline'.
I'm so glad you mention letter writing too. I often write letters or erotic stories to my wife as I think the power of the written word can have much more effect than an explicit text or a naughty email.
I for one never underestimate the enduring effect of a well written, thoughtfully worded piece of erotica for my wife.

Nil Satis Nisi Optimum 
14 Dec 2017 15:21
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rushman1uk Offline
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RE: Cybersex

Fantastic read Rapier69. I hope I'm correct from some of your posts I've read, your still married to her? My current Mrs wouldn't do anything like that but I do have some photo's off her, especially when she was still married to her tosser ex lol
02 Dec 2018 16:32
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yurigagarin Offline
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RE: Cybersex

Found this fascinating thread from early 2017 about 'cyber sexing' and I thought it was well worthy
of another airing!

From reading the posts it sounds like forum members used to have an awful lot of sexy fun in the chat room
back then ! Big Grin

Shame it's not like that in the chat room any more  Sad

'There are no strangers on this forum, just sexy friends you have yet to chat with '
09 May 2019 09:18
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Diamond123 Offline
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RE: Cybersex

There was some from time to time but mostly it was general chat like it is now

Although I can't stress enough:if you are around on Tuesday, Thursday a Saturday evenings give the chat a go

If you don't try it how do you know you don't like it?
09 May 2019 09:27
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