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Steel Boned Corsets

Morwen Offline
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Joined: Oct 2013
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RE: Steel Boned Corsets

I can't wait for the postman on monday Big Grin
In an effort to move this thread on from "Morwen's shopping list"....
Talking of corsets, what are everyone's favourite styles? Overbust? Sweetheart? Underbust? Do you see them as kink or just sexywear? Has anybody else waist-trained?
06 Dec 2018 10:09
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yurigagarin Offline
Indefinable !!


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RE: Steel Boned Corsets

(06 Dec 2018 00:12)Morwen Wrote:  Hahaha xD always the way xD 

I also got this one in the end, so "none of the above" lol: 
I agree with Hovis, I love the buckles too!

I don't know if it's a 70's thing with me, but I just love halter neck clothing
Dresses, tops, corsets, lingerie.
( perhaps it's the naked shoulders!)

There are no strangers on this forum - just sexy friends you have yet to chat with !
07 Dec 2018 06:08
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Diamond123 Offline
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RE: Steel Boned Corsets

Naked shoulders are definitely always a plus

If you don't try it how do you know you don't like it?
08 Dec 2018 08:05
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