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Underwear for sale

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Underwear for sale

I guess this is probably the best place to pop this haha.

So being relatively young (20 y/o) and a student has it's perks Angel (such as a very high libido), but it also has it's downfalls too, like as being perpetually poor haha. So if anyone is interested I plan on selling off some of my used underwear for the many members we have on this forum.

The under wear will be a brand new pair of Calvin Kleins (colours may vary), worn for 3 days straight. I chose them as they are high quality and last. I shall be wearing these all day and night over the period of the 3 days. Each pair will be £15 and includes postage (although I shall do deals on multiple items). 

I will add a cheeky little message as well for yourself (this can be declined if you wish) and I shall aim to have the item shipped within 5-7 working days.

If you wish to have anything else added then I am more than willing to discuss it over a PM. Wanking

The products will be sealed in an airtight bag and discreetly shipped to yourself via Royal Mail 24 tracked. Payment will be taken via paypal only as this is safe for both the buyer and seller. Anonymity is key and shall be maintained 100% at all times.

Please message me for more information
Many thanks Wink
06 Sep 2016 13:17
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