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Shaving Question 

Bacchus Offline
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RE: Shaving

(11 Aug 2017 11:34)Red_Velvet Wrote:  
(11 Aug 2017 06:04)YoungBigD Wrote:  This thread reminds me of a really funny story from a guy who shaved his ass.

Warning: It's extremely graphic

I'm so sorry but this had me in stitches. The metaphors and similes were too much too handle lol. Would baby powder not have sorted out that sweating issue? And why did he not think to wash his shitty ass first...now i feel sick :-X
Haven't stopped chuckling for several minutes!! truly amusing!!

Ok, I should now come clean.....I'm the lucky so & so who gets to shag naturegirl most days! Cheer
11 Aug 2017 12:35
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Christian Offline
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RE: Shaving

I shave balls and above is trimmed. I like shaved pussy, but if any pubic hairs are present, preferably nicely shaped not a wild bush.

Veni, Vidi, Vici
21 Aug 2017 03:46
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