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I was gonna lurk but found this sub-forum

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I was gonna lurk but found this sub-forum

Hi guys,

I'm a 52 year old semi-pro photographer and I've discovered through a pal that frankly, I get off taking photo's of people having sex. My pal and his "slave" girl are into BDSM (I'm not especially) and after knowing him for 10 years he asked me to come along to one of his events and watch. Then he asked me to take photos which made his session hotter and turned me on too. I didn't join in but enjoyed the watching.

Since then I've met more peeps wanting me to do the same. No money changes hands and I don't sit there wanking. I set up my kit they get down to it, I take sexy photographs and share the pics with all the parties involved afterwards. Strict rules agreed beforehand on where and when the photos can be used. Nothing gets put out there unless all agreed. I make no money at all just get my rocks off on taking the pics.

Up for anything. Blow jobs, full straight sex, gay sex, BDSM, a very broad spectrum.

Please let me know if you read this and are interested.

Big Grin
23 Feb 2016 12:47
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