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My Wife Watching Me Wrestle

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My Wife Watching Me Wrestle


By Mature Brit

My name is John I have always been interested in wrestling ever since watching the British World of Sport bouts on TV on a Saturday afternoon when I was an adolescent in the 1960’s. Watching those guys go man to man in Speedos was certainly a big thrill for me, although a thrill I could not share with anyone else. To watch those guys was for me a great turn on and I would pose in Speedos in front of the bathroom mirror fantasising about the moves I would use and the feel of another guys body against mine. Any sort of admission of being attracted to another guy in those days would be dangerous to say the least.

As the years went on I never lost the thrill and on a couple of occasions I was able to arrange bouts with like minded guys, as I am a mature guy now I wrestled guys my age both nude and in Speedos, I also wrestled a guy who wore tights/pantyhose which I found very arousing indeed. I also found it arousing to watch women wrestle both against each other and mixed and have always fantasised about being in a wrestling match with a woman.

One particular fantasy was always for me to be watched by my wife as I wrestled another guy, also for his woman to watch the bout and each cheer on their man. Lindy, my wife, is still a very attractive woman, long shapely legs; 34C breasts trim waist and blonde hair.

For various reasons our marriage was not going great and as always seems to be the case the physical side was stale. We ended up discussing the situation and inevitably sex was discussed and identified as a major area where both of us were not very interested. Totally to my surprise Lindy asked if I ever had any interest in other men, my initial hesitation kind of gave the game away and I saw no reason to lie about it so I said I was always interested in guys and had, when the opportunity presented itself, indulged in some sexual activity with other men. I explained in detail what I like to do, lots of nude contact, mutual hand and mouth satisfaction. This took a while to sink in but for me I was glad that I was able to be honest and open about my sexuality once and for all. Nothing much more was said then, although when we eventually had sex a few days after this conversation it was much more urgent and she seemed to be more excited than I can remember for some considerable time.

She was curious to know all about same sex how it felt, what did when with another man, safe sex, etc. She asked if I had specific fantasises about guys that I would want to play out for real. I hesitated but eventually confessed to liking wrestling and watching both sexes wrestle for erotic pleasure and also I would like to humiliate a guy and also be humiliated in front of her and, if possible, the other guys woman. She thought about this for a while and agreed that if it could be arranged then it might well be an interesting experience. From thinking my marriage was over to considering wrestling in front of Lindy was quite a surprise that I did not anticipate.

I had wrestled a guy who I had met through a gay wrestling website, he lived 15 miles away and I had a bout with him secretly about 12 months ago. I suggested to Lindy that I contact him and see if he would be up for a rematch, but this time with her watching. I contacted Brad and he was up for it, being gay he was not interested in Lindy, although he understood why I wanted to wrestle in front of her and he was happy with this arrangement.

We agreed to meet one evening at our house; we cleared a spare room and awaited Brad’s arrival. I had arranged with Brad the way the bout would go in terms of rules, etc, he readily agreed and so the scene was set. I was very nervous I showered and Lindy set out a light dressing gown and a pair of red Speedos for me, she applied some light lotion to my hairy chest and a little to my genitals. Much to my surprise she cupped my balls in her hand and told me “ look after them as they might come in very useful later”.

Brad was about the same height and weight as me, 5,11 and around 170 pounds, he is 44, ten years my junior. Both of us are fit and active and have good bodies, strong thighs and arms, 42 inch hairy chested. I stood in front of him; he was also in a pair of Speedos, blue, and had a fine bulge. Lindy sat in the corner she was wearing a short skirt and low cut top and was braless.

I was really nervous and just wanted to start the match, we circled a bit before engaging in a bit of a bear hug, to feel his hairy chest against mine was so erotic as was the feel of our genitals pressed against each others. He said “you are in need of a good seeing to and she is going to be ashamed and embarrassed when I beat you”.

We each gave as good as we got, head locks, full nelson and arm and leg holds. He got me in a leg lock around my waist and started to feel my semi hard erection through my Speedos, stroking my manhood and squeezing my balls. I had to submit as his thighs were crushing me so hard and so I tapped out. I could see Lindy watching intently and was very aroused to se her nipples poking through the silk material of her top. We made lots of eye contact during the fight and I could see she was willing me on.

As we wrestled too and fro eventually my Speedos were pulled down and my now erect manhood sprung out, I am about 6.5 inches when fully erect and my penis is quite thick. I heard an audible gasp from the corner of the room, as Lindy could not conceal her arousal at the sight. I was humiliated; my bare hairy chest was at his mercy and my manhood exposed so that Lindy could see that I was embarrassed and at Brad’s mercy. Lindy shouted, “come on John get a grip, prove to me you are a real man and don’t go down without a real fight”.

Eventually I managed to break the hold and made a grab for Brad’s Speedos, I managed to get them down to around his knees. Again there was a gasp of joy as now his manhood was exposed and in full view to Lindy, Lindy shouted, “wow now get him down baby, get on top of him, get a hold of his balls”. We were now both fully erect, then quick as a flash he had me over his knee in a back breaker and proceeded to massage my manhood, it did not take long before I ejaculated in a stream of fluid, completely humiliated in front of Lindy but very satisfied indeed. Brad put me down and bent over me but before he could move further, and much to my surprise, Lindy had come up behind Brad slid her hand under his buttocks, fingering his anus briefly before cupping his big balls and started to do the same to his manhood as he had done to mine, although a gay guy he did not protest and let her continue until he ejaculated a huge amount of fluid onto my hairy chest and hard nipples.

Lindy seemed to be really turned on by this event and it was obvious that she thoroughly enjoyed the match and it’s erotic climax, so to speak, I am sure she had an orgasm secretly as she relieved Brad.

We cleaned up had tea and talked about what had occurred, Brad appreciated my need to be humiliated and to humiliate him in front of Lindy and for her part she fully agreed that it was a very erotic experience for her, handling Brad’s manhood and making him ejaculate was very erotic for her.

I am sure you can imagine how wonderful our lovemaking was that evening after such an erotic experience. I will be sure to include the detail next time.

So what next, having had such a great time we are keen to repeat the event and maybe the next time we would have the guy’s woman there to cheer her man on.

Mature Brit
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19 Oct 2015 19:54
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RE: My Wife Watching Me Wrestle

Hi I would take you on
11 Jan 2017 23:11
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RE: My Wife Watching Me Wrestle

(11 Jan 2017 23:11)PitgrapplerUK Wrote:  Hi I would take you on
nice story loved it
08 Jan 2019 08:43
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