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Married couple considering threesome, need advice! Question 

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Smile Married couple considering threesome, need advice!

I'm female and happily married for 10+ years , just recently me and hubby have been talking about having a threesome with another female. This was my suggestion as I'm bi-curious and find certain females attractive & I can imagine myself sleeping with another female. Also I know every mans fantasy is Having a threesome with 2women, and I no my husband will get turned on by this & seeing him excited  will make me turned on , I want to fillfull his fantasy and very curious about having this threesome but I would like to hear from others please.
I have stated that If we ever did go ahead with this then we would hire a escort , I also said  I couldn't sit there and watch him sleep with the other woman. I would need ground rules, where the plan is me and other female start off by kissing and then playing with each other then husband joins in with just me, I have said I don't want him to have sexual intercourse with the other, but I'd be happy for him just to touch her, no kissing or actual intercourse with her, basically I would be me and her and then him with me but allowed to touch her !! He agreed to this.
Do you think this is a good idea ?
Does anyone have any advice? Dos or donts??
Anything to help me decide whether to go ahead or not pls 
18 Aug 2015 22:06
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RE: Married couple considering threesome, need advice!

I think you're doing the right thing by having very clear rules. If everyone knows where the line is, it's less likely to go wrong. Good luck and have fun Smile
22 Aug 2015 12:58
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