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Cambridge in the old days

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Cambridge in the old days

A little while back my wife and I were reminiscing about our swinging days back in the later 1970s, early 1980s when we met many friends through the Sussex Downs Forum Society. In fact the wife had been initiated in swinging before we met up. 

When living in the Cambridge area in the early mid-1970s she went to a number of parties which involved group activities rather than 'wife-swapping' as it used to be called in the old days. (Wouldn't get away with that now!) It was at one of these that she had her first threesome with two young guys, and  got a taste for it.  At least one of the parties she attended was held at a house in the country (nr. Waterbeach, she thinks) owned by a man who made erotic pottery. It was her experience then that got us into swinging ourtselves a few years later. Eventually we dropped out of the scene, but have fond memories of it. Does any of this ring any bells with other members?
24 Jun 2015 14:25
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