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Holiday cuckold

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RE: Holiday cuckold

I really shouldn't read these erotic stories at work!
01 Feb 2019 17:21
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RE: Holiday cuckold

Wow, great story, i would love to give a woman a massage.
01 Feb 2019 18:24
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RE: Holiday cuckold

(01 Mar 2015 12:58)heatherw Wrote:  I was interested to read a thread about whether men get turned on seeing their partner with someone else. I can say now, with total confidence, that my partner likes it and gets unbelievably aroused.

In mid January, my partner Chris, an older gent I met 3 years ago, took me away for a wonderful 10 day trip to Barbados.
The hotel was gorgeous, the upgraded junior suite stunning.....in fact everything was perfect.
On our third morning we found our usual sunbeds on the pretty beach and sat back for another day of pure relaxation.
As usual, the frequent beach sellers tried to sell their wears, but disappeared quietly after a brief 'no thanks'. Just after lunch a new guy arrived trying to sell 'beach massages'......my initial reaction was to say no, but Chris thought it'd be fun for me to try it. So after a little persuasion he called the man over. Chris paid him, and after flattening the sunbed, I lay down on my front, trying my best to relax.
The masseur was actually very good and after a few minutes I was relaxed and confident enough to let him undo my bikini top. He also seemed to gain in confidence as I noticed his fingers brush the side of my breasts, and a while later as he was working on my upper thigh, his fingers subtly stroked between my legs. I tried to ignore those indiscretions, but the fact that he was reasonably attractive with a body to die for, didn't help. As I found myself slightly turned on, I noticed that Chris, on the sunbed next to me, was watching with great interest.
Well, I nearly had a heart attack when out of the blue, Chris suggested we carry on the massage back in our room! I was even more surprised when the masseur, a local called Andy, keenly agreed! So, off we went.
Back in the room, Chris made himself comfortable on the sofa as I moved awkwardly toward the bed, suddenly aware that my bikini was still a little damp from my last sea dip. Chris must have read my mind, because as my tiny concern entered my head, he suggested I remove the bikini, rather than get the bed wet. So, with 2 sets of eyes staring at me, I slowly removed the top and then the skimpy bottoms. As the men watched me, I moved to the bed and started to lie down on my front again.
But, Chris suddenly blurted out that I'd already had my back done, so maybe I should let him do my front! Slightly surprised, I looked at Andy, who simply said 'Good idea.'
I lay down with EVERYTHING exposed and Andy knelt on the bed next to me.
Before he'd hardly started on my neck and around my collar bones, Chris said that I always liked my breasts massaged, so maybe he should work on them! Andy didn't need a second invitation. His strong dark hands were immediately on them, squeezing, caressing and stroking. I could feel myself getting very very turned on, my nipples hardening as he worked on me.
I couldn't quite believe what was happening, but I was getting so aroused I just put those thoughts to one side.
Chris was now almost giving constant instructions. He told Andy to squeeze my nipples......something that really gets me going......the harder the better.
Then Chris said he should 'massage' lower down, between my legs. By that time I was very wet indeed so it was almost a relief when Andy gently opened my legs and started working on and around my pussy. I was now unaware of Chris's voice, my head starting to 'fuzz' and slightly spin.
Andy's fingers were in me, pushing deep inside. Then his head moved between my legs and I felt his tongue start to tease me.
His thumb pushing at my anus. I can safely say I was HORNY as hell!!
As I started to climax, he suddenly stopped......I opened my eyes he started to remove his shorts. I was then aware of Chris saying that I love sucking.....which is very true.
Andy offered me his already stiff cock. I happily accepted, first licking the end, then down the hard shaft before sucking on his large, tight balls. I then took him in my mouth while his hand moved back between my legs.
His fingers were now fucking me, his thumb rubbing hard against my clitoris......his cock moving faster in my mouth.
Before reaching full orgasm, Andy quickly withdrew and wanked himself before finally exploding over my tummy and breasts.
Within minutes, Andy had dressed and left, leaving a very turned on Chris to finish things off.

Two days later we had a similar experience which I'm happy to share if anyone's interested.x
My husband has also watched me having sex with another man & thoroughly enjoyed it.I have also watched my husband have sex with another woman & enjoyed watching as much as he clearly enjoyed doing it.

After reading all of your post I showed my husband your profile & asked his opinion and his thoughts,he told me that you are a very attractive lady & that he loved your pictures.I asked him if he would have sex with you(if you agreed) and he said he would any time(remembering the site rules about not arranging a meeting.............before I get told off ;-)  ) 
01 Feb 2019 20:15
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RE: Holiday cuckold

Unfortunately Heather hasn't been on since March 2016. Although as you say a sexy lady and more than welcome back

If you don't try it how do you know you don't like it?
01 Feb 2019 20:17
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