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When i was a insurance advisor for NFU

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When i was a insurance advisor for NFU

I visited farms in rural England I was a insurance advisor for NFU. I did paperwork with the farmer, and the job was interesting and varied. Some places are scruffy, and others quite tidy. Some wives are quite alarming, others are quite pleasant. Never had anything remotely sexual or arousing happened............until.........

One August, I visited a farm to inspect some paperwork, and go through some things with the farmer. When I arrived the farmer was quite an abrupt man, clearly quite chauvinistic, and was quite rude to his wife. He was a big man, grubby from harvesting his corn, and explained that he had to get on, he had corn to harvest, and couldn't "fuck about with all this crap" ... meaning the paperwork!! "Missus sorts that!" he was polite enough in the main and left, instructing the workman to go with him..."Missus and this fella need to be left in peace to do this paperwork"Nothing untoward was in my mind at this stage. "Missus" was about 40ish, her name was Alison, she had beautiful eyes, a pretty good figure, she was dressed in a light summery skirt, loose and knee-length with a floral print, and a blouse buttoned so-far up. Her legs were bare, and she had bare feet. I followed her through to the office, a small room with a large table covered in papers! As I followed her thorough the hallway I was looking at her ass in her skirt, vaguely thinking she was in good shape!!We spent about 20 minutes sorting through her papers and sifting out the important and relevant sheets.

All the while I had a growing interest in this woman. She spent much of her time leaning forward across the table, kneeling on her chair opposite me. I found myself more and more, looking down the front of her blouse. Her breasts hung nicely, held in a white cotton bra, they were large but not too big, smooth and silky looking, with a perfect cleavage. I do like breasts!! We had whittled the paperwork down to a few items which we had to go through in detail. She suggested a cup of tea before we continued. She returned to the office with two cups of tea, and stood beside me.

We chatted as we drank the tea, and when she relaxed and smiled she was really quite attractive. She started to touch on the subject of her husband. She gave the clear impression that he over looked her, didn't understand her needs. there was no mention of sex but the implication was clear. When she started asking all about me, and my personal life, listening intently, full eye contact, I started to think this could turn into something!!!! Still beside me she started asking about the forms we had to sort, and concentrating on the paperwork on the tables he moved nearer, and rested the side of her thigh on my shoulder. The contact was electric, and I even hesitated in my speech! I immediately blushed as I found this very arousing, I was immediately aware that my cock was stiffening in my trousers! I could now not stand up! She pressed her hip against me more, becoming comfortable with the contact, and more relaxed. She even put her hand on my shoulder as we discussed the content of the paperwork! In many tales this is where the guy rips the girls clothes off and fucks her furiously!! This was real life, and I had a professionalism to maintain.

I guessed she was just enjoying a little male attention. We continued, though the arousal was becoming intense!!The smell of her fabric was filling my nostrils, I thought maybe I could feel her knickers against my shoulder, the idea that here was a woman, with some beauty, clearly neglected, beginning to show some sexuality, flirting physically with me, was beginning to take over my mind! Clearing up a major point in her mind she stood upright, placed her hand on my back, and stroking it smiled down at me saying "I am so glad you are here to help me!"Instinctively I reached out a hand which met with the back of her leg just above her knee, and I said "It is my pleasure!" there was an awkward silence as I kept my hand on the back of her thigh, and she kept hers on my back, between my shoulders. She put her tea mug down, and ran her hand up into my hair, saying "You are a good man" Her smile went and she looked very serious, "Roger won't be back for hours, but I don't want to scare you off!" I ran my hand up the back of her thigh, until I felt her knickers through the flimsy skirt " I am not scared!" I said, "I am excited and nervous!" "Me too" she said.

I turned my chair so she was stood in front of me. I ran both hands up her legs, under her skirt, up onto her buttocks, and pulled her closer to me. She was running her fingers through my hair, digging her nails into my scalp. With her body pulled close, I stood up, my face in front of hers, I kissed her, her eyes closed, and I felt her mouth melt into mine. She had one hand behind my head, keeping the kiss going, keeping her tongue entwined in mine. Her other hand was on my ass, as she kept me pressed against her. My swollen cock was squashed against her crotch, and she was gently rocking herself against it. I pulled her skirt up and slid a hand inside her knickers, kneading her firm fleshy buttock, and returning the squeeze, pressing her against my now rigid cock.

She gently parted her legs as I did so, and I felt her pussy, nestle against my cock, and she gently wiggled presumably letting my bulge rest between her lips. the kissing was glorious with her breathing and mine becoming heavier. She backed off a little in order to get a hand to my trousers .I responded by undoing her blouse buttons. She undid my trousers, and let them fall to the floor. I pushed her blouse off her shoulders, and felt behind her back for a clasp. Her hand was rubbing my shaft though my pants, her fingertip playing with the sticky wet patch where the tip of my cock was. Her bra sprung loose, and the most beautiful tits, were now exposed. Soft and perfectly rounded, with wonderful dark nipples stood out proud and very hard. I kissed one then the other, then sucked one and sucked the other.

I felt her hand inside my pants pulling at my cock. She pushed me gently back onto my chair, and knelt before me. Looking only at my cock, she held it and stared, precum was flooding from the tip, and ran down over her fingers. She just put her tongue out and licked! Oh my god it felt so good. I reached down cupping her breasts as she started to suck on my cock. I looked down and marvelled at the sight of her, sucking me as she gently masturbated me with one hand. The other hand was between her legs. She sucked for a while, licking sucking, taking me into her mouth, slurping like a child on a fruit lolly. I could play with her rigid nipples for hours, this was heaven! I was watching her hand which was between her legs, but obscured by the loose skirt. She was clearly rubbing or fingering herself, and her tempo was increasing.

I knew I couldn't take too much of this! I pushed her head back, and she looked up at me as if to ask what was wrong. I smiled to reassure her, and stood up, lifting her to her feet. I kissed her. Her mouth tasted of cock and precum. I ran a hand down her front, and into her knickers. Her pussy was so swollen, the lips were puffy, and she was very wet! I could feel her clit hard and quite large, I slide a finger over it, feeling her press against me, and I thrust my finger inside. She was hot and soft and so slippery, she was lovely! She was moaning, and breathing heavily, but neither of us were talking. She sat on the table and lay back with her legs hanging over the edge of the table.

I lifted her skirt onto her tummy and pulled her knickers off. There before me, I had to pause to look, her legs now naturally parted, her pussy was shiny with moisture, and she looked so ripe for fucking!!!! I didn't know if I should slide into her or if I needed to refrain, I had no condom. She took my cock in her hand and pulled me down onto her. She wrapped and hand around the back of my neck, and kissed me as she nuzzled my knob against her swollen cunt with her other hand. A tug of war team would not have held my hips back, as I plunged myself deep into her.

The wetness was divine, and I sunk all the way in until my balls lay against her ass. I felt her squeeze me with her cunt, and I began to withdraw before pushing back in again. I started to thrust and fuck her gorgeously wet cunt, holding my weight in my hands. Her face looked fabulous, her hair lay across the table, her tits gently rocked in time with my thrusting. She looked at me with a pained expression. then pulled me tight, and her first words came out as she whispered in my ear....."Oh fuck, that is good, that is fucking good!" I felt her cum all over my cock, she became incredibly wet, a little relaxed, and now I was fucking a really soaked hole! She looked up at me and said "Don't waste it inside me, ...please!" She was just in time! The surge of electric sensations ran up my inner thighs, my balls tightened, and in the nick of time, I stood up, withdrew, and taking my slippery wet cock in my fist I wanked only a couple of strokes before, wave after wave of cum gushed out, the first spurt shot up her body, hitting one of her tits and her left cheek! The next few spurts had her gripping my cock with me milking it for all it had! Finally for the last couple of dribbles I thrust myself deep inside her again, as she started to play with the large amount of spunk on her body! She used a finger to wipe her face, then licked the cum off her finger.

I then kissed her and she moaned as she tasted her cum on my tongue .I was still gently fucking her as I was still very stiff! She said "Let me suck you clean" so I climbed on the table, and lowerd my cock to her mouth. As soon as she could reach, I felt her hot mouth suck me as I went down to  lick her cunt. The smell of cum and freshly fucked cunt was heady, as I licked her. We got up, and had another cup of tea. She put on her skirt and the blouse, and as we chatted, I massaged her tits, and fingered her cunt. She made it very clear that this was a one-off, and she had loved it, but we were never to repeat it!! I often returned and smiled inwardly! Occasionally Alison would wink at me, or even stroke my crotch if nobody was watching, but we never actually spoke of it since!

I'm always horny and up for fun
if your in the midlands in the uk and would like a late 30 male drop me a message
totally straight so don't ask me for bi stuff

21 Feb 2015 18:31
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RE: When i was a insurance advisor for NFU

May be an old story but still great.
27 Dec 2018 22:26
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RE: When i was a insurance advisor for NFU

Maybe a old thread but still get a fucking hard on.
27 Dec 2018 23:30
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RE: When i was a insurance advisor for NFU

That is a great story, and one that I had missed in the past
28 Dec 2018 08:38
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yurigagarin Online
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RE: When i was a insurance advisor for NFU

Not seen this post before, so really enjoyed reading it !
A great tale and so well recounted !

Thanks for finding it rushman 

28 Dec 2018 11:38
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Running Man Online
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RE: When i was a insurance advisor for NFU

A great story indeed from Martin.
Very well written and very well described. I too can't believe I missed this one whilst searching through the older threads.

Nil Satis Nisi Optimum 
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28 Dec 2018 13:52
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