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Couples Sex Toys

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RE: Couples Sex Toys

Rose from the Harmony store pretty much told you all you need to know, excellent post!

Just to add to it, the Pulse by Hot Octopuss is a excellent piece of kit, check it out if you haven't already made your purchase.
12 Jun 2015 11:02
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RE: Couples Sex Toys

Me and the oh havectried the vibrating cock rings a few times but found them a bit awkward duringbsex as they don't always line up in the middle of a passionate session
13 Jun 2015 08:32
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RE: Couples Sex Toys

For a really naughty sex toy that a couple can enjoy, look no further than a long, thick double-ended dildo. Inserted deep into the man at one end and in the hole of choice at the other, this wonderful toy makes for a thoroughly erotic, and extremely naughty experience.
12 inches of pure, unadulterated sexual bliss!

Nil Satis Nisi OptimumĀ 
12 Apr 2018 17:08
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