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correction Question 

Popsworth Offline


Joined: Nov 2014
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Having just joined the cyber space on here, I'm unable to proceed until listing two post's

So my question is in correction, holding the pose when to cross from greeting me in privet, to the right times when in public it has always been a favorite to me the basic pose, but when it comes to the weather this time of year outside is taken into account, but I hit a reluctance issue, a basic punishment was given, going back to the drawing board and before trying again I'm asking for your ideas advice to it,
16 Nov 2014 21:24
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Oinkie the Awesome Mod


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RE: correction

Could you possibly rephrase your question? I don't quite understand what you are asking.

Heart His Little Girl Heart
17 Nov 2014 17:34
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Frightfully concupiscent


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RE: correction

And I thought it was just me. Big Grin

I thought it might have just been spam from a bot.
18 Nov 2014 04:25
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