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No experience in threesome

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RE: No experience in threesome

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23 Sep 2016 11:42
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RE: No experience in threesome

(21 Sep 2016 14:51)sting Wrote:  When partaking in a 3some it is not just about fucking anothers partner while they watch, it is all to do with the fun you can have with double the amount of bodyparts, the sensuality that two other bodies provide, the experimentation, the overall experience, well it is for me anyway.
What a lovely way this is to think about a threesome. I'm longing for the day when my wife and I can find the perfect man to join us in our bed and when we do, it will be all about the sensuality described by sting. I too believe it's about the overall ecperience and not just about fucking. I loved 'Message In A Bottle' by the way. Great post!

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15 Nov 2018 21:18
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