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Unbelievable four way

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Unbelievable four way

Hi all, wow what an evening, going to be late for work but had to tell you all about last night. I was expecting husbands friends round to watch football, but Mike turned up with his girl friend Julie, saying the other guy was not allowed to come he had to look after his kids. Well the men watched the football, Julie was not into football so we went upstairs to chat. I found out they met on a sex partner site, Mike was after an older woman that also liked woman, I think he wanted another me, well he got one. Julie told me that Mike had told her all about our fun so I got the lap top out and showed her some films and pictures, she liked. I also showed the ones with me and woman, she loved them. We chatted and showed her my toys she was very interested with the pussy pump. Anyway half time arrived we went down and made tea and returned up stair's. I told her I am uncomfortable and need to take off my sexy outfit, then explained why I had it on. I showed her and she grabbed me and kissed me, then asked if there was one she could put on. Julie is about my size but her breast was at least twice the size of mine , so I passed her my PVC Basque.Julie put it on and boy did she look good in it, her body was amazing, big tits and smooth pussy and very big labia, she noticed me looking at them and told me when you have done what I have then yours will be like this soon. Julie laid me down kissed me again, sucked my nipples then slid her tongue deep into me, my back arched as she went deeper. Within seconds her fist was in me as she sucked my nipples, wow she said , I am sure you can take two just like me. Julie then asked where my girl toys was, I got out my strap on and double ended dong, she strapped one on, laid me down and after she added a bit of lube she entered me. I was moaning and shouting, this brought Mike up to see what was happening, Julie suddenly changed , became so dominant. Julie told him to undress and sit on the bed, told me to get onto all fours and suck his cock. I got into position and sucked, she entered me from behind slapped my butt and told me suck deeper, she did this until all was in my mouth. I was wet horny and cumin and so was Mike, she told him to cum in my mouth, told me not to swallow, he came , she stopped told me to dribble some onto her nipples, then kissed me till I passed all into hers. Julie told Mike to suck her nipples, he refused but husband was standing at the door jumped in and sucked her nipples. He soon was undressed sat down , Julie sucking his cock and I was fucking her with my big dong, Mike came behind me and slid his big cock in me and fucked me hard. I was cumin, Julie was non stop all night we sucked , fucked till 3 in the morning, final we showered and all ended in bed, went out like the night, Julie holding on to my tits. This morning Julie left and asked if I was free Saturday as she wanted to spend all day with me, she told me it would be special, I agreed then she and Mike left.
So there you are now late for work and still very wet but can not wait till Saturday. 

always horny and always wants moreSuckfuckSmiley-3some
10 Apr 2014 08:37
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RE: Unbelievable four way

I cant wait for sunday to find what you got up to.....lol

I came... I saw... I conquered............I pulled Grissea Cheer
10 Apr 2014 08:48
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RE: Unbelievable four way

Reading this at work was not a good idea! Big Grin
11 Apr 2014 09:21
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