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Simi Says...

Xya_Simi Offline
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Joined: Sep 2013
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Simi Says...

Okay, so I'm sat round my Grissy's and the idea popped into my head to create a "Simon Says" type thread. Of course being Simi and not Simon I had to change the name.

So the idea is the  person above will give a "Simi says..." then the next person to post should follow the instructions and post that they have done so (pictures are welcome but not necessary). Then they will post the next "Simi says..."

Simi says....

Lick the next person you see

“...we have three kinds of family. Those we are born to, those who are born to us, and those we let into our hearts.”

“Be kind to dragons, for thou art crunchy when toasted and taste good with ketchup."
24 Feb 2014 15:50
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PinkLipstick92 Offline
Oinkie the Awesome Mod


Joined: Jul 2013
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RE: Simi Says...

Haha love this Big Grin

I am not licking my dad though :') so I will pass on the first one ;p

Heart His Little Girl Heart
24 Feb 2014 16:57
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RE: Simi Says...

If I did that, my wife would slap me...

might let me later though!

so for now, it's a pass...
24 Feb 2014 17:03

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RE: Simi Says...

Lol, i knew my wee boy (2) would come in handy. "said get off daddy"

Ok give the next person you see a wedgie ! !
24 Feb 2014 21:11
naturegirl1 Offline
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RE: Simi Says...

I HATE  wedgies!! He's always giving me one when I least expect it...grrr, maybe I'll give him one.
In the mean time,
Simi says: flash your bottom cleavage at the neighbours.

If it feels good...do it! Wink

01 Mar 2014 18:47
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nipples Offline
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RE: Simi Says...

Very sexy will do it,

walk past your bedroom window naked , curtains open.

always horny and always wants moreSuckfuckSmiley-3some
02 May 2014 14:52
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