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Sexy memories

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Sexy memories

Hi. I just wanted to write a bit about all the previous women I've been with, and some of the things about them or the time that I liked about each of them, and sexy details that I remember. Names have been changed...

Emily: My first. Apart from being my first, I liked the way she used to want to sit on my face before we had sex. She would moan and grind her crotch into my face as she came. Another thing we did: she would get on all fours on the edge of the bed and stick her ass out. I would kneel on the floor and lick her pussy like this from behind until she came.

Sebine: One night stand. We fucked standing up in a toilet after kissing in a club for hours. It was the only place we could find. She was... REALLY wet when I put my hand under her panties. After that I knelt down and licked her under her skirt until she came

Anna: She was married but living away from home for a few months. Bit of a nympho. She moaned a lot during sex. Was the first time I ever felt a completely shaved snatch. It was very exciting putting my hand down there for the first time. She seemed to have rock hard nipples when she was horny as well. I would finger her after we had sex until she came, loudly. She never let me fuck her from behind, until eventually we did it like that with the lights out

Kerry: Spent the weekend with her and never actually had sex with her, but everything else. She had amazing, medium sized pert tits, that were pierced. She was good fun. She sucked my cock, I licked her, lots of fingering

Rachel: met her on holiday. Another one night stand. We screwed twice in missionary. She wrapped her legs around me tight and I just went at it hard and fast. It was one of those times where you're not sure if you're going to be able to finish, and you're just pumping and pumping, and when I finally came and filled up the condom it was such a relief.

Vicky: I met her a few times on different occasions, after meeting on holiday. She was the first girl I had sex without a condom. That was special. Wet and hot. And tight. It just feels really ...naughty, the first time you put your dick in a girl without protection. Also pretty amazing, like sex as it should be. And then actually coming inside her pussy... The last time we ever did it was spontaneous, on her living room floor, her on top, almost fully clothed, with her jeans and knickers round her ankles

Becky: another nympho I slept with quite a few times. Also without a condom, but I always had to cum on her belly or buttocks. We often fucked four times a night. She had nice tits and a nicely trimmed bush.

Jess: my second girlfriend. I remember the first time she shaved her pussy completely smooth for me, as a treat. I got so hard at the sight of her like that. We used to do it a lot from behind, which I liked. Sometimes she would lie flat on her front and open her legs to me. After we'd been together a while and a bit more comfortable, I'd often push my finger into her arse just as I was getting close and that would usually finish me off... Once or twice she would lie on her back and put a vibrating dildo up her until she came, me watching and wanking 

Katie: another one-night stand. She wasn't that pretty, but had amazing tits, like perfect, pert and round. I was drunk and couldn't come at first. Then she let me take the condom off, and I came inside her doggystyle after that.

Jane: I was seeing her for a few weeks. I actually really liked her, she kinda broke my heart. She also had amazing, quite small pert tits. The first few nights we didn't have sex, just kissed passionately in our underwear, me with a massive bone, and all I got was a quick finger in her wet snatch. We ended up having quite a lot of sex though. First of all with a condom, and then after a few times she said, do you want to try it without? (which obviously felt good). She had a great figure and beautiful skin, and smelt amazing. She was also really well shaved. I'd be in bed, waiting for her to come back from the bathroom in the morning. She'd walk into the room and lift her nightshirt over her head, and getting that first glimpse of her pert breasts and hard nipples from under the shirt... And then she's just stood there in her panties, I knew I was in heaven. When we were screwing I used to bring her knees up and spread her legs to see my cock moving in and out of her (no condom). Memories...

Sarah: we slept together a few times. Nice figure. She was really horny. She actually came just through penetration, and would tell me as she was reaching orgasm. I actually think about her loads when I'm having a wank

Clare: didn't really get on with her, but had a kinda chemistry. Went on a few dates and slept together once: On that occasion she came to my flat unexpectedly late one night for a booty call. We kissed fully clothed on the bed for a while and then she kind of insisted that we both stand up and undress in front of one another. She took off her top and bra, and her tits looked almost swollen. I obviously had a massive boner when I took my pants off. I kissed her, felt her swollen breasts and put my hand under her panties to finger her. She had a full, red bush. Then we had sex a few times.

Charlotte: another one night stand. She wasn't that pretty, but I loved how dirty she was. I remember her bending over sucking my cock, whilst reaching down to finger herself at the same time, which was a real turn on. I was quite drunk and unable to come that night. The next morning though we got frisky again, and I mounted her missionary, pumping her as hard and fast as I could, while she said "come for me, boy" in my ear, until I eventually did.

Emma: had a really nice body and shaved her pussy clean. She would do a strip while I masturbated watching her, eventually just standing naked in front of me. That got me pretty horny. Did 69 with her a lot, sucking on her labia furiously while I came in her mouth. Or her sucking my cock on all fours while I reached under to finger her. Her pussy was always really tight right after she came, so I would often finger her before we had sex, before pushing into her and fucking hard and fast, coming in less than a minute. We had anal sex a couple of times. Did it doggystyle out in the open once.

Let me know if you want any more details...
10 Feb 2014 00:49
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RE: Sexy memories

A really old thread but I love this 'sexual summary' of every partner and everything they did together.
He definitely saved the best 'til last I reckon.
I love the sound of him cumming in Emma's mouth as they enjoyed a 69.
Great stuff.

Nil Satis Nisi Optimum 
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04 Jan 2019 21:50
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RE: Sexy memories

Cool stories,
06 Jan 2019 00:12
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