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  Thread: Breast Enlargement
Post: RE: Breast Enlargement

It's been 2 weeks since I had the surgery now, and so far I'm really happy with the results. The recovery was fairly quick as the implants were over the muscle, just uncomfortable and very tired for a...
Mrs Topper General Sex Chat 14 4,811 13 Apr 2015, 12:12
  Thread: Resolutions
Post: RE: Resolutions

Same every year - have more fun!
Mrs Topper Off-Topic Chat 45 16,059 16 Dec 2014, 14:18
  Thread: Help I'm horny!
Post: RE: Help I'm horny!

Wow, that does sound like a high sex drive - you lucky devil! But who's to say what's normal? I know that the more I have sex, the more I think about it and the more I want it. Also your sex drive can...
Mrs Topper General Sex Chat 1 1,689 16 Dec 2014, 14:15
  Thread: New and frustrated
Post: RE: New and frustrated

You sound like a great guy with a lot going for you, you just need to find ways to build you confidence. If you don't like your hairy chest - shave it off or have it waxed - not as painful as you thin...
Mrs Topper Introduce yourself here 3 1,512 16 Dec 2014, 12:40
  Thread: Who's Pierced and where?
Post: RE: Who's Pierced and where?

Still thinking about getting my ears done again - total disaster last time, the woman made a right mess of it. I'm a total wimp when it comes to piercings though.
Mrs Topper Tattoos and Piercing 126 51,094 03 Dec 2014, 15:01
  Thread: were to find
Post: RE: were to find

Try Fabswingers - that's free. Or our partner site Meet for Sex, where you can get a free trial. Good luck , I hope you can find someone.
Mrs Topper Swinging, Threesomes, Dogging & Group Sex 2 2,389 03 Dec 2014, 14:57
  Thread: Dilema
Post: RE: Dilema

Sounds like you need a holiday, just the 2 of you. Or setting aside 1 night a week is also a brilliant idea, take her out on a proper date and make her feel special - you need to re-connect emotionall...
Mrs Topper General Sex Chat 16 5,894 02 Dec 2014, 12:25
  Thread: Press fastening
Post: RE: Press fastening

Wow, that's very niche. Normally I would suggest looking on fetlife, but I can't see anything on there. Maybe someone else can suggest something - good luck with your search.
Mrs Topper Sexy Clothing 2 1,796 02 Dec 2014, 12:15
  Thread: Couples Sex Toys
Post: RE: Couples Sex Toys

I have the Lelo Ida which you can use as a couple or on your own. I prefer to use it on my own, the remote control is great, it's fun to use when out and about and give hubby the controller. Using it ...
Mrs Topper Sex Toys 12 7,873 25 Nov 2014, 13:18
  Thread: newbie lesbian
Post: RE: newbie lesbian

Hi Cumkitten - great name, welcome to the site.
Mrs Topper Introduce yourself here 7 2,082 24 Nov 2014, 14:05
  Thread: sunday boredom
Post: RE: sunday boredom

Sundays are dull when it just rains all day - stay in bed and shag!
Mrs Topper General Sex Chat 6 2,732 17 Nov 2014, 11:42
  Thread: new male member introduction
Post: RE: new male member introduction

Hi Popsworth, welcome to the forum.
Mrs Topper Introduce yourself here 7 2,585 17 Nov 2014, 11:37
  Thread: dressing up
Post: RE: dressing up

I dress up a lot for fetish clubs - corsets, latex, spanking skirt, stockings, etc. Have a few roleplay outfits too, air hostess, schoolgirl, clown (!).
Mrs Topper Sexual Fantasies & Role Play 30 11,792 17 Nov 2014, 11:33
  Thread: NEWBIE

Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy it.
Mrs Topper Introduce yourself here 9 2,594 17 Nov 2014, 11:30

It doesn't have to be a midlife 'crisis' but most people go through a midlife stage of looking at their relationships and having a re-think. It can sometimes really help to try something new. Things c...
Mrs Topper Swinging, Threesomes, Dogging & Group Sex 4 3,674 17 Nov 2014, 11:30
  Thread: Look my new girlfriend
Post: RE: Look my new girlfriend

She's very pretty, slim girls are sexy too! (hopefully!)
Mrs Topper Sexual Fantasies & Role Play 8 4,591 05 Nov 2014, 10:50
  Thread: Ive crossed the bi-curious bridge!
Post: RE: Ive crossed the bi-curious bridge!

I definitely know what you mean about the excitement of trying new things, good for you. Don't be ashamed, if people don't understand that's their problem.
Mrs Topper General Sex Chat 10 5,217 05 Nov 2014, 10:48
  Thread: Curious about bondage
Post: RE: Curious about bondage

You need a 'rope bunny', have a look on fetlife for local rope party groups, it's dead popular!
Mrs Topper Bondage 6 5,121 05 Nov 2014, 10:46
  Thread: any hairy men in here?
Post: RE: any hairy men in here?

(30 Oct 2014 18:40)OD1989 Wrote:  Speaking of hair, I'm doing the month for Movember. ¬†Going to (regrettably), growing a moustache for a month :) Don't forget to post a pic of you tash-tastic ha...
Mrs Topper General Sex Chat 21 8,701 31 Oct 2014, 10:43
  Thread: last day on earthI
Post: RE: last day on earthI

if it was the last day then i'd have to get everyone left together for a massive orgy!
Mrs Topper General Sex Chat 84 24,943 31 Oct 2014, 10:42