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  Thread: I fancy my ex girlfriends new boyfriend and feel so ashamed help?
Post: I fancy my ex girlfriends new boyfriend and feel s...

Hi i used to go out with a girl for a short time and although we got on great as friends there was no real chemistry, the problem being i have been trying so hard to fit in and pretend that i am like ...
sissygirl_abbie General Sex Chat 0 2,894 02 Aug 2020, 11:51
  Thread: Little manhood
Post: Little manhood

I was wondering if people find that guys with little manhood's come across as more tentative and needy lovers
sissygirl_abbie General Sex Chat 0 1,864 02 Aug 2020, 11:49
  Thread: Forced Bi Fetish
Post: RE: Forced Bi Fetish

Yeah fetlife is goo although I find it more dominate by american users, I have to say I loved the idea of forced bi but then thought well how can it be forced when I want it so much hehe
sissygirl_abbie Other Fetishes and Fantasies 7 7,743 02 Aug 2020, 11:36
  Thread: Wearing My Wife's Lingerie
Post: RE: Wearing My Wife's Lingerie

Blimey you have quite the package, I never bulge like that even in ladies underwear I fit so easily!
sissygirl_abbie Other Fetishes and Fantasies 14 9,134 02 Aug 2020, 11:33
  Thread: Crossdressing
Post: RE: Crossdressing

(27 Aug 2015 18:46)MasterNeil Wrote:  A typical feeling and desire for most cross dressers, I've found. I have a very submissive "girl" in my charge currently....and when dressed is most complia...
sissygirl_abbie Sexual Fantasies & Role Play 4 4,505 02 Aug 2020, 11:20
  Thread: Shopping for Lingerie
Post: RE: Shopping for Lingerie

It is weird how much I used to go red and get embarrassed when shopping for a partner, if offered assistance I would often end up stuttering so yeah I used to hate it, but somehow it ended up going fu...
sissygirl_abbie Sexy Clothing 54 22,621 02 Aug 2020, 10:58
  Thread: Unaware Cuckold
Post: RE: Unaware Cuckold

I am guessing this is the story for so many of us, best suggestion is to get in your pretty panties and a dress, stop fretting over it and get yourself a man, we all end up there in the end if we can'...
sissygirl_abbie General Sex Chat 2 2,387 02 Aug 2020, 10:42