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RE: Threesomes - toastie15 - 19 Aug 2016 10:26

My wife has a fantasy of a mfm threesome but has said she wouldn't actually do it even though I have said I would be fine with it, I talk dirty to her while making her cum and sometimes using a dildo. She gets extremely wet and has even squirted and recently I went down on her while she was watching a porn film with a mfm and it was the quickest she has ever cum that way. She has always been very shy about her likes and fantasies unless she has had a bit to drink, have been thinking of pressing her further and arranging for a sensual massage from a guy to maybe get the ball rolling.  

RE: Threesomes - AdventurousCouple - 18 Sep 2016 21:35

(06 Dec 2013 13:58)coffee.omd Wrote:  Who's had them? Who loves them? Who hates them? What's you experiences?

I love them. Seriously love them. But I can never find a girl to join me Sad it's hard to meet a girl when you are a girl. Any tips?
We're looking to try a threesome or two Smile we're an MF couple. New to forums so not quite sure what to do from here!

RE: Threesomes - sting - 19 Sep 2016 10:39

Having had my first 3 some with my exwife over 25 years ago, and then going on to have two more with her and both males and females, when it come time for her to divorce me, the first thing she brought up was how I had manipulated her to have 3 somes, what a crock of shit, she was only too willing to join in.
You both have to be very strong in your relationship, because you are giving the other half free reign to have sex with someone outside of your marriage, even though you are joining in it is still adultery.
But having said all of the above, I have gone on to have over 12 3somes since being divorced, enjoyed all but one, that one was when the female was quite obviously unhappy with what her other half had planned, so I chose to simply sit and chat, until he was obviously bored, she left with a look of appreciation towards me.

RE: Threesomes - lovetoplease - 19 Sep 2016 12:52

Well I think a decent partner would know exactly what their partner is comfortable with. It's as much about the woman saying no and the man listening and vice versa. I've had threesomes and if someone isn't getting involved I stop because they are obviously not comfortable.

RE: Threesomes - dom1234567 - 20 Sep 2016 21:50

hello guys I am new here. can I jump in?

RE: Threesomes - Charlymanay - 21 Sep 2016 08:07

At the time I was living in Barcelona I tried some escort the threesomes. impressive women with big tits fucked me excited me a lot. Smiley-3someSmiley-3some

As it was very difficult for two women would be stay with me I decide paid a  two matures escorts who was working in a place called  Perla Negra BCN (Black Pearl BCN).

Now you know why Captain Jack Sparrow loved her and wanted so much heheheheBig GrinBig GrinBig Grin

RE: Threesomes - Running Man - 11 Nov 2017 21:01

(13 Jun 2016 21:57)Berkscountryboy Wrote:  I have done the mmf and it didn't really live up to expectations. There was a lot of alcohol involved though so this might of been the issue but I remember just finding myself more concussion of what my mate was doing rather than giving the girl a good time. More practice needed I guess
That's a shame it didn't live up to expectations BCB. Have you had any since then that did play out as you expected?
As you've said, a little more practice may help but it's not easy, I'm sure, finding a lady who will give you and your mate any training.

RE: Threesomes - Running Man - 21 Feb 2020 08:17

What a lovely read this thread has been on a cold and wet morning.
Even the ones who haven't indulged in a threesome make some very sexy points indeed.
Well worth bringing to the attention of the 700+ people who've been browsing with me this morning.