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RE: Threesomes - Pakingofthrring - 13 Jun 2016 09:16

They are great fun I love watching OH going down on a another woman and her thing is to watch me taking our play friend in the ass which too be fair is something that I have always had a massive thing for maybe the dom in me?

RE: Threesomes - Pixietits1988 - 13 Jun 2016 09:20

(12 Nov 2015 20:59)Sucitup Wrote:  
(07 Dec 2013 09:16)bumblebee Wrote:  I'd love to try both MMF and FFMI have done MMF with my wife and a 
I have done MMF with my wife and a large guy. Large in the cock sense. Started off as a wish by her to try a very big cock, she fancied black but in the end we found a big white guy. After various drinks we got friendly and at first I watched her and the guy gradually get more horny and start fingering and sucking each other.

I got involved and after sharing her for a bit she got adventurous and wanted me to suck the guy. I was reluctant at first but she was OK with it so we sucked him together. 

It was awesome! Best sex ever.

Since then I have sucked loads of cock with her and on my own. She knows and I think she does other  women herself. Bisex is better than ordinary stuff. 

I am now obsessed  with sucking good stiff cocks and I have found that taking hard sniffs of poppers at the same time as sucking makes it better for both of us. Guys always cum about 30 seconds after a really hard sniff of fresh popper, so my wife feeds it to guys and then they cum on us both.

Just do it it's unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow! This is how my partner is or was shall i say for now! Hes always done this ever since he was young and now started to bring me into it with him. I havent slept with anybody else yet but im glad you guys have fun and i can see from a male point of view on the one whos watching his misses being taken by someone else. Its good to know it can work and abit more reassuring.

RE: Threesomes - Pakingofthrring - 13 Jun 2016 09:34

We have always said for us it has to be mff as we both find females attractive and find our best sessions are either with another woman or talking about it while we fuck. I have a good friend is 100% gay and is always asking to suck me off which we both know is more than just a joke and as he says would be the best blow job I've ever had, I just don't find the thought appealing I've trained most of my adult life a can appreciate a guy with a good body but not in a get your cock out kind of way lol, but don't mind a mmf if they join in or just want to beat one off while watching but as they say different stokes for different folks.

RE: Threesomes - SlaveBird - 13 Jun 2016 21:08

I have participated in both FFM MMF, I do prefer MMF, but each are enjoyable would love a FFF but not really got the friends to do it, only one girl I know who is willing, sad really. I definitely do love sucking a nice hard cock but I've found my girl is much better at making me orgasm.

RE: Threesomes - Berkscountryboy - 13 Jun 2016 21:57

I have done the mmf and it didn't really live up to expectations. There was a lot of alcohol involved though so this might of been the issue but I remember just finding myself more concussion of what my mate was doing rather than giving the girl a good time. More practice needed I guess

RE: Threesomes - BBWLovers7` - 14 Jun 2016 09:13

I'm not a huge fan, had mmf and a ffm were fun but not sure I could see it working in a long term relationship

RE: Threesomes - funcouple36 - 14 Jun 2016 22:05

Any females local to wales uk looking to join m/f for 3sum fun 18++ only snap funcouple36 or kik funcouple3682

RE: Threesomes - konky - 01 Aug 2016 21:50

Loved sharing my wife with strangers and some close friends. She was really into it. Go out for some drinks with a good mate and her, she,d flirt, great body, go back to our house. I,d sometimes fake drunk and fall asleep on the sofa. Many times i just watched her dance in front of him in dim light and take her clothes off until totally naked. No man could resist her. Theyd kiss, he,d fondle and kiss her lovely body, then she,d take him upstairs to our bedroom. She,d tell them i was too drunk to wake up, but i,d sneak upstairs and could watch them fucking in the full length wardrobe mirror perfectly positioned for a full view of the bed. I,d stand in the shadows wanking like crazy whilst watching my wife do the most perverted sex with my friends or stangers even. Theyd go home and i would have a great lickout of sperm and her juice and great sex after with sloppy seconds. We both loved that life. Do it.

RE: Threesomes - Hwank10 - 06 Aug 2016 23:05

I'd be up for a MFF threesome if anyone is available in the South East

RE: Threesomes - oxoncpl - 07 Aug 2016 22:02

We have done one FFM but did not go well, done quite a few MMF and all but one have been great fun. It is not all about penetration one guy we became friends with had the largest tongue I have ever seen!