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RE: Threesomes - Old Sage - 26 May 2015 07:34

Nothing ventured nothing gained Dave!!!!

RE: Threesomes - Dave Chilled - 27 May 2015 20:00

(26 May 2015 07:34)Old Sage Wrote:  Nothing ventured nothing gained Dave!!!!
No what you're saying Sage and completely agree!

RE: Threesomes - Mark@Segzi - 28 May 2015 11:39

I would be very unsure about trying a threesome..

I don't think I would last very long for a start lol, but would the jealousy creep in after between my partner and I?

I think some things are best left as a fantasy.

RE: Threesomes - Old Sage - 28 May 2015 12:13

It goes without saying that it should and be carefully thought about before embarking on that adventure and for lots of couples fantasising is probably the way to go.

RE: Threesomes - Mark@Segzi - 28 May 2015 12:36

(28 May 2015 12:13)Old Sage Wrote:  It goes without saying that it should and be carefully thought about before embarking on that adventure and for lots of couples fantasising is probably the way to go.

Agree completely, maybe another option is to introduce a sex toy like a male masturbator into the equation, i suppose it could be similar to a threesome thenBig Grin

RE: Threesomes - Sucitup - 12 Nov 2015 20:59

(07 Dec 2013 09:16)bumblebee Wrote:  I'd love to try both MMF and FFMI have done MMF with my wife and a 
I have done MMF with my wife and a large guy. Large in the cock sense. Started off as a wish by her to try a very big cock, she fancied black but in the end we found a big white guy. After various drinks we got friendly and at first I watched her and the guy gradually get more horny and start fingering and sucking each other.

I got involved and after sharing her for a bit she got adventurous and wanted me to suck the guy. I was reluctant at first but she was OK with it so we sucked him together. 

It was awesome! Best sex ever.

Since then I have sucked loads of cock with her and on my own. She knows and I think she does other  women herself. Bisex is better than ordinary stuff. 

I am now obsessed  with sucking good stiff cocks and I have found that taking hard sniffs of poppers at the same time as sucking makes it better for both of us. Guys always cum about 30 seconds after a really hard sniff of fresh popper, so my wife feeds it to guys and then they cum on us both.

Just do it it's unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RE: Threesomes - Deckard - 13 Nov 2015 13:59

I've always fantasised about a threesome. FFM would be my preference but if my wife was willing to do that and wanted to try FMM I would have to give that a go to. No interest in touching the guy but I guess it would be horny to see her being fucked.

I have broached the subject on a few occasions and told her the above but she just doesn't seem that keen so I haven't pressed the issue. You never know, one day it could just happen spontaneously but I'm not banking on it.

I did 'almost' have a threesome once when I was about 18. In a club, getting off with one girl, lost track of her. Later on I was snogging another girl and left with her at the end of the night. Sitting outside snogging her when the first girl showed up. Turns out they were friends. Got a taxi home with them both. They lived in the next town. Got back to their place thinking I was about to live the dream. Get in and she says her dad is unexpectedly home and it wasn't going to happen. I don't know if this was true, most likely I got played to help cover the taxi fare. Had no money left and one ciggie for the VERY long and very depressing walk back home. Not fun at the time but I learned a good life lesson. If something looks too good to be true! Never saw those bitches again Sad

RE: Threesomes - konky - 05 May 2016 23:07

My 2nd wife was a very attractive nympho, loved mmf, mmmf and gangbangs through the 1980,s. I loved to watch her, loved to see the guys get so horny with her, i was so proud and turned on. Sadly she passed away with breast cancer at 48. Live life to the full, its a short ride.

RE: Threesomes - Pakingofthrring - 12 Jun 2016 23:44

had both mfm and mff im a straight guy so mfm was great as she got dp but no intrest in other guy mff means all 3 can all play with each other and maybe throw in a strap on or two if the mood takes

RE: Threesomes - Broken Halo - 13 Jun 2016 06:33

Definitely something I have to try!!