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Fun afternoon.....1st MMF in ages. - mikki - 15 Jan 2022 18:57

As iv already put on here iv been seeing a guy we met in the summer. 
Had 3 or 4 times when we've met an had some nice sexy fun for a few hours...then I go home to my gorgeous hubby.
Last time we met we went out for a run on his bike with a few of his mates. 
When we wer out I met a guy who is good mates with P.
We had a good laugh an I felt a bit of a tingle in my panties whn we were talkin.
We all went our way an I went back to Paul's place .....we fuckd hard an the talk was nice an dirty...jus the way I like it lol.
Paul said he thought his mate fancied me...I said I'd fuckk him no problem.
He didn't say anything to that an we jus fucked hard n deep til I was screaming. 
We finished and ii went home..
Couple days later I got a text an didn't know the number....just said....hi,how are you doing babe?
I txt back sayin I'm good thanks...who's this?
Turns out it's the guy I got talking to and Paul gave him my number.
I txt Paul bout it an he said that this guy likd me lots.
We wer texting each other for Couple of days an the txts wer gettin hott an sexy...
I told hubby bout it an first he was a bit offish with it but we talkd abt  it an I got his OK as long as I tell him what's goin on and I'm careful. 
Paul text me a week later ...just saying that he had something to ask me.
I was fuckin stunned.
I got a text saying....are u up for a threesome??.
Didn't know wht to say....24hrs went an I didn't know what to say....
I showed Yvie an she was shocked but said I had to tell hubby.
That nite when we wer in bed Yvie said I had something to tell Mike. 
We were fucking an I was talkin while he was rammin me hard an I told  him bout the text.
My cunt was soo sore cos he was goin at me fuckin hard but he just  said quiietly OK do it you horny lil tart.
I text the next day an got  a message from Paul askin if we could meet on Monday 22nd...for lunch.
His mate text me askin if I was OK bout thngs...ii text back saying I'm fine bout it an looking forward to seeing him an Paul.
Sunday nite I got a text askin if I can bring my kinky stuff lol.
I didn't sleep much...we screwed hard an I told M I loved him soo much an that I'd always be his an that Monday was jus a bit of fun....he was fine bout it an we slept all 3 of us cuddled up tite.
On Monday morning I wasn't working so spent the morning getting ready and doin my hair an makeup an getting my gear ready.
I saw Yvie an she kissed me .Liz just smiled an said have fun  darlin. 
Mike was in the yard an didn't say much we kissed and cuddled an he opened the gate as ii drove away. 
I got to Paul's about 12ish.
We sat chatting for a while before leaving to walk round to the restaurant in the Avenue. 
Gary got there soon after.
Lunch was lovely...felt a little bit tipsy..1 glass wine too much lol.
The chat was gettin more cheeky and sexy...had to keep it down cos others mite have heard lol
Walking back to Paul's arm in arm with them both I felt nervous but soo excited. 
When we got back Paul made us a coffee an we talked for a few minutes. 
Gary made me laugh an I could see a little twinkle in his eye.
The talk was gettin fuckin filthy an I could see both guys wer keen to get goin....I was thinking omg what am I doing!!!
I got up to go to the hall where my bag was an Gary got up too an gave me a peck on the cheek. 
Suddenly I felt like I was in control the the old days when I was working. 
You 2 stay here...gimme 10 mins yeah?!
They watched me teeter upstair and I shut myself in Paul's room to change. 
I knew what to bring to patent thighboots and lacy satin corset and lil red side tie panties ... red pvc choker an red painted nails with curly permed bleach blonde hair...I felt like a billion dollars lol
Looking at my self in the mirror I felt like I'd put the clock back 35 years.....!!
Left them waiting a bit longer an I was sitting on the bed sending a pic to Mike ...jus to keep him keen lol!
I could hear them outside on the landing so opened the door a bit and stuck a boot out to tease then opened it to let them in.
Both were fuckin I felt fuckin nervous!
I sat on the bed and patted each side of me so I had them sitting each side .
Gary had a cute little bulge in his trousers....turned out to be quite big I gave it a lil attention...undid his zip an got his cock out .
It was leaking so I licked it....he loved that.
Paul's fingers were working up my thigh and undid the bow on my panties lol.
I stood up and pushed Gary flat on the bed and he helped me undress him so I got to work on his nice hard tool
I'm bending over sucking G's cock and Paul got behind me and I could feel the end of his thick hardon brushing my arse cheeks an then his hand as he gently fingerd my wet cunt. 
I was soo fuckin wet now an he cld feel it...then I felt his meat being pushed into me as he held tight on my hips...grunting as he got deeper til I felt his balls touching me...I was still working on Gary's meat while his mate had his cock deep in me an slowly getting goin. 
G was near to cummin...I could taste it then I got a gobful as I took his length deep in my he lay there moaning lol.
I took it all and leand forward to snog him but Paul held me tite and was going hard at me...talkin filthy stuff ...I fuckin love dirty talk lol.
I was  nerly cummin and was squealing at Paul to fuck me harder an was still dribbling Gs cum over his chest when I  came an screamed an my legs shook but Paul kept going til he shot his load deep in me...gripping my hips tite..
Gary grabbed my arms an was pushing me hard onto Paul's cock...he was rammin me hard when he came an I gasped when he shoved me soo deep.
He let go of me and I fell forward on  top of Gary...we soon had our tongues down each others throats lol and he held me tightly  while we kissed.
Paul lay next to us and I kissed him hard .....I cld feel Gary's fingers exploring my swollen achin cunt so I opened my legs to let him go further lol then took hold of his hand to suck the cum off his fingers.
We lay there giggling and talking then Paul went to get more drink and we kissed while he played  with my pussy.....getting me all fired u for another go.
It wasn't long before Gary's tool was starting to get stiff again. 
Paul gave him a glass of wine and a lil blue pill and I soon had a hard pulsing cock in my hand .
Paul  said  hows about you let those beauties go as he undid my corset and let my boobs free..he was soon sucking my nipples and squeezing my boobs as Gary layed me flat on my back before pulling my legs wide open and edging the tip of his swollen cock to my achin cunt lips..
I was gaggin for him to put that meat up me and told him to get on with lazy bastard lol
He leaned forward and we kissed then he slowly enterd me an I pulled my cunt lips open wide.....fuckit I wanted him soo fucking much.
He pulled my legs up high so my boot heels were on his shoulders an got in me nice n deep...goin nice n slow...I was in heaven...talking filthy stuff while we fucked.
Paull was watchin an stroking his cock so I asked him to come close and I started sucking his tool...he pushed it deep in my mouth over an over...I was so cunt was on fire an I felt super horny with 2 cocks goin at me lol. 
G was goin hard an I soon came screaming as he screwed me ...feeling a hot rush come over me an I felt dizzy but G kept goin.
Paul was tasting like he was near....then he grabbed my hair an held me tightly as he came ...I was fuckin nerly gargling lol but drank what he gave me 
Gary was making me sore but I was ner to cummin again ..he was rammin me hard n fast  and gruntin lliike he was cummin soon too.
I felt my head spinning as I came an was talkin real dirty.
G pushed my legs forward and rammed deep then exploded his load deep inside cum hittin me deep deep lol...fuckin gorgeous
We ended up in a heap with my legs tite round him an Paul makin me squeal as he bit my achin nipples. 
Jus laying an talkin an sipping wine  with Gs cum  running outta my sore cunt I got such a fuckin buzz.
Had a fit tho when I saw what the time was dark outside...nearly 7 ffs!
Needed a pee an I text Yvie...I told her I'd had a bit to drink  an cldnt drive...she was OK and said Mike was in a good mood an wantin to give me a seeing too lol .
Went back and joined the guys in bed an soon had Gary eating my cunt like a greedy fucker while Paul an me snogged hard
About 8ish Yvie text to say she was coming to pick me up ...ffs it was panic time cos I was a fuckin mess Lol!
Got all my gear in  my bag an got dressed....still had cum runnin outta me a  I was all sweaty but fuck I felt buzzing lol.
The guys didn't want me to go but I told them I had to.
They got dressed an followed me down stairs. 
Yviie text me 4 directions cos she wasn't sure where to go .As I went outside Gary held me tite and we kissed...Paul cuddld me an we said we will do it again somtime. 
Yvie said I looked a wrek an that Mike wants to know what went on...she said I thnk ur in for a seeing too tonight lol.
Mike was indoor whn we got back.
He didn't say anything...just got hold of my hand and we went upstairs for a shower before going to bed for some us time with Yvie. 
We talkd about what I did wth the guys  an I got a good seeing
Hope we can meet again soon lol.


RE: Fun afternoon.....1st MMF in ages. - Hovis - 15 Jan 2022 20:24

Thanks a great story, thank you for sharing it.

RE: Fun afternoon.....1st MMF in ages. - yurigagarin - 16 Jan 2022 01:21

Oh C
What an absolutely sexy story - thank you for sharing it on the forum.

I can't wait for the next instalment - can you be any naughtier ??


RE: Fun afternoon.....1st MMF in ages. - Iamsomoney - 16 Jan 2022 08:24

Amazing story to wake up to on a Sunday morning

RE: Fun afternoon.....1st MMF in ages. - Mrree - 19 Jan 2022 10:29

'Kinell C, that got me hard reading that!

RE: Fun afternoon.....1st MMF in ages. - mikki - 19 Jan 2022 11:01

(19 Jan 2022 10:29)Mrree Wrote:  'Kinell C, that got me hard reading that!
Fuckiin good to hear it hun.
Hope you didn't waste it ...!
Your post has got my panties soppin  lol!


RE: Fun afternoon.....1st MMF in ages. - Mrree - 25 Jan 2022 18:05

(19 Jan 2022 11:01)mikki Wrote:  
(19 Jan 2022 10:29)Mrree Wrote:  'Kinell C, that got me hard reading that!
Fuckiin good to hear it hun.
Hope you didn't waste it ...!
Your post has got my panties soppin  lol!


So you're wet and I'm hard? Sounds like an opportunity!

RE: Fun afternoon.....1st MMF in ages. - comm@ndo - 26 Jan 2022 20:02

This has got me throbbing. Love the detail.

RE: Fun afternoon.....1st MMF in ages. - mikki - 27 Jan 2022 19:24

(25 Jan 2022 18:05)Mrree Wrote:  
(19 Jan 2022 11:01)mikki Wrote:  
(19 Jan 2022 10:29)Mrree Wrote:  'Kinell C, that got me hard reading that!
Fuckiin good to hear it hun.
Hope you didn't waste it ...!
Your post has got my panties soppin  lol!


So you're wet and I'm hard? Sounds like an opportunity!

Don't it just lol.