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Liz... - mikki - 16 Oct 2021 15:29

So...for a few weeks now we hav had one of my oldest friends stayin with us.
I've known her ever since I left school an went to work as a apprentice hairstylist in the city.
She was salon manager but she used to run a little escort an massage service on the side.
A lot of girls were workin for her at 1 time or another 
It's her who opened my eyes to the sexy world outside when I was moanin tht I didnt make enough money in my job doin ladies hair styles.
When I first met her she smoked heavy but said her cough was down to too many B n Js an not too many B n Hs lol 
Well she said you cld always work for me arent shy are you sweetie?
I was only 16 or 17 then but I had a good idea what she was on about lol.
I was dead nervous whn I went on my first nite out to a party at the Barbican wth a few of her girls...we were expected to be ready when the guys there felt randy lol.
I had loads to drink an got picked up by a guy an taken to a room ...we were soon at it ...he wasnt that good cos he was pissed up but he tried bless him an we fucked...well..just about
When he left me I found 200 quid stuffed in my bag.
I was gobsmacked cos I never thought this was gonna happen to me. 
When I told Liz next day she jus laughed an said keep it darlin..I already got paid for you girls services lol.
I found I got a liking for such easy cash ...and an easy way to make money jus by gettin screwed or othr sexy thngs.
Liz started work wayback in the 60s when Soho was swinging. 
She mixed with alsorts of people...some nice an some not so nice.
She even met the Kray brothers...loved them an told me they were real gentlemen to people they liked. 
When us girls were workin if we were slapped about then she made sure that the guy didnt do it again but we never asked what was done .
Now she is nerly 80 an feelin her age a bit but she still has a sexy outlook on life...we talk bout evrythng an anything. 
We got no secrets an she know about my lovin of anything sexy....jus says that's my girl lol
She love being here an she love talkin to my hubby too about the farm an the horses. 
She looked after us girls an now I'm gonna look after her cos she got no family to look out for her.
But she will always be the girl who got me hooked on sex an I love her for that.
Thanks for reading.