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New girl.... - mikki - 14 Oct 2021 02:10

We got a new girl on the yard at home .
She moved her horse here 2 week ago.
We all went out for a ride 3 days ago an I got on relly well with her an now I'm sort of fancying her a bit lol.
She is blond an quite pretty wth blue eyes 
She got the cutest arse in her jods an I lov how she look.
I'm feelin lik I wldnt mind eatin her it taste sooo sweet lol.


RE: New girl.... - Hovis - 14 Oct 2021 22:04

Maybe she is feeling the same. Fingers crossed.

RE: New girl.... - Iamsomoney - 15 Oct 2021 07:57

Let's hope she feels the same. I wouldn't mind reading about those escapades!

RE: New girl.... - mikki - 16 Oct 2021 14:34

Id lov  to find out if she wld be up for a bit of fun.
Hav to get the drink out 1 nite and see wont I lol.