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My latest meet. - mikki - 06 Oct 2021 08:17

Hi all.
Well it's been ages since I last put much on here-I been busy wth work an family and got a old friend stayin with us so havnt had much time.
Last Monday I met up with a guy that we met when we wer shopping way back in early summer.
It's the 2nd meet after a gap cos he got a bit too obsessed but his promised not to be and hubby says it's ok to meet him again.
All day before and the morning texts were flying about an I cld see he was soo up for it.
He said he wanted me to be as kinky as las time so I thought ok I will be lol
We met up near his place and had a coffee an a chat then walked back to his house .
Wasnt long before we were cuddling and kissing an he was trying to undress me before we even got near the stairs. 
I could feel a hardon in his trousers so I pushed him away an said giv me 10 mins and went up to his room. 
I'd got my bag with me cos I brought some extra bits to make him horny lol.
So I changd an then called him up an opened the door.
His eyes nerly popped out whn he saw me standing ther in my black pvc thigh boots an corset long gloves an fresh red lippy. 
I pushed him on the bed an helpd him undress.
He had a lovly hardon so I gave him a little attention down ther an then we snoggd hard playin with each others tongue.
His hands wer all over me and I opened my legs to let him finger my soppin wet hole.
He got his fingers deep in me and made me wriggle. 
I told him I hope he didnt cum too soon but he said hed taken a little pill so he was nice n hard.
I wanted him in me so lay back on the bed an pulled him ontop-he didnt need any asking and I opened my legs wide and pulled my pussy lips wide as he enterd me.
His quite thick an took a little time to get in deep but I fuckin wanted him in me.
Wasnt long before he was goin nice n steady.
I undid my corset to let my boobs free-lol-an he bent forward an bit my nipples-I fuckin love a little pain.
I wrapped my legs tite round him and he went quicker and harder.
It dont take alot to make me cum an I soon did leaving his back with a scratch an a little blood.
He went harder an I was tellin him to fuck me you lazy cunt ,go on FUCK ME NOW!
He was sweating and getting breathless but kept goin then he came heavy an I could feel his cum hitting me inside.
I pulled him onto me an we cuddled tite before he rolled off an lay ther looking at me smiling  
I got his hand and put it between my legs-he slipped his fingers in me an I then sucked his fingers again and again.
We snogged hard while I played with his cock before goin down an licking him tasting our juices. 
Then he sat up an said he wanted to see me toying myself.
I'd got my biggest vibe with me so I got it out an started slipping it in an out making a lovely slurping noise.i kept workin it till I got it all the way in-this vibe is 10 inches long and quite thick so its alot to take lol.
I pulled his hand and made him work my vibe .Fuck me harder darling an he worked away hard an fast till I was cummin hard an holding onto the headboard with my legs high an wide an his ramming my vibe deep in me.
I was nerly screaming whn I came an he relly liked that cos i could see he was gettin hard again.
I was a wreck lol.
My body was shaking and i felt high as a kite but knackered lol .
How about a drink I said an he put his robe on and went down to make us a coffee. 
When he came back we just sat an chatted  an enjoyed a good coffee.
He asked when we can do this again an I told him to be a good boy an wait patiently. 
I opened his robe to see another stiff cock so slowly slipped my lips over his tool and started workin my way down till he was fully in my mouth.
After a few minutes he came and a warm salty rush filled my mouth-it tasted soo good an I had no trouble swallowing his load before kissing him hard and squirting a little of his cum in his mouth.
We just lay talking for what seemed like ages an I could see he was tired-well he is nearly 64 lol
He looked sleepy so I thought we had better call it a day an I started getting dressed while he lay ther watching me.
I just went for a pee then we went downstairs an I left him at the door in his robe. We kissed an hugged an I walked away as he shut the,door.
Walking back to my car I could still feel his juice and my pee running down my thigh.
To be honest I felt fuckin good an pleased we met again.
When I got home Mike met me an we went upstairs for a shower an a little us time while I told him what we did.
His fine about my little outing an had given me his blessin to see him again.
Things are ok with us.
I'm happy . ....

RE: My latest meet. - BBWLovers7` - 06 Oct 2021 11:49

Sounds like a great day

RE: My latest meet. - mikki - 06 Oct 2021 12:07

(06 Oct 2021 11:49)BBWLovers7` Wrote:  Sounds like a great day

Oh hun it was !!
My pussy was aching so much but I still fucked my hubby when I got way of thanking him for letting me go out lol.
I swear when I sucked his cock I could taste 2 guys cum on it lol.


RE: My latest meet. - Iamsomoney - 06 Oct 2021 23:14

Sounds like a good time was had Carole. I'm not sure I'd have lasted very long seeing you in a corset and leather boots. What a lucky man he is

RE: My latest meet. - mikki - 07 Oct 2021 06:46

(06 Oct 2021 23:14)Iamsomoney Wrote:  Sounds like a good time was had Carole. I'm not sure I'd have lasted very long seeing you in a corset and leather boots. What a lucky man he is
Iam I dont thnk he would hav gone long without takin a little blue pill!


RE: My latest meet. - mikki - 08 Nov 2021 11:34

Meeting my older guy today-haven't seen him since end of Sept.
Goin by his txts his well up for a date lol.
His bin on abt takin me out on his motorbike so we are goin out with some of his mates for a run then back to his for some afternoon fun.
Lookin forward to a good day lol.


RE: My latest meet. - Iamsomoney - 10 Nov 2021 22:19

Can't wait to hear all the glorious details

RE: My latest meet. - mikki - Yesterday 09:09

Havnt bin on here for a lil while cos I've been busy.
We had a great day on the 8th.
Went for a ride on Paul's bike with some of his mates an met some luvly guys.
Ended up at Walton for a cuppa on the seafront an I got talkin to a relly nice guy who's mates with Paul .
It was like he was showing me off lol.
After that we went back to his.
Wasn't long before we were upstairs an soon fuckin hard...God I was gaggin for a fuck.
Felt soo good gettin screwd hard.
We fucked doggy an he went soo hard an deep he made me scream lol.
Time went too quickly an it was half six an I was wanting to get home....he didn't want me to go but i wanted time with Mike.
It's a funny thng but when we wer screwin I was thinkin how much I love my hubby.
I got something else to put on here .....I'll do it later when I get time..