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Classified Ad - Mrree - 02 Oct 2021 11:10

Dorothy was bored. To pass the time, she picked up the local free newspaper again, and began to read the classifieds. You never know, I might find a bargain, she thought.
After a few minutes, she had to do a double-take. Tucked away in the cars section was an advert that gave her a tingling between her legs.
The advert read:

Manscock 6. Classic model, vintage but not veteran. Low mileage for its year. Full working order, but unleaded conversion so now firing blanks. Average in size, good history but has fallen into disuse in recent years (has had recent DIY work). Starts easily and revs freely, and still capable of extended runs. Free to lady enthusiast who will restore it to life and use it regularly.

Were her eyes deceiving her? She read it again. No, it still said exactly what she thought she had read. Subtle, but then not-so-subtle! Dorothy’s mind began to work overtime. Once again she read through the ad, trying to imagine the author behind it. No, it was no good, all she could imagine was a hard cock. Free hard cock. There was only an email address, so she noted it quickly in a secret page of her OneNote. She meant to find out more.

Later that evening, Dorothy lay in bed with her phone for company before she went to sleep. The advert was still running through her head. She began to compose an email:

Dear Sir
I’m very interested in your Manscock. I have long been an enthusiast, and I have practiced techniques for restoring such classics to their full glory. I hope to be able to tune it to rev even harder and use it for many more miles. May I first inspect its condition? I look forward to hearing from you.

Smiling to herself, she hit Send. And lay down to go to sleep. To her surprise, there was an email notification almost immediately. She grabbed the phone and turned it on even as she lay there in bed. Sure enough, there was a reply to her message:

Thank you for your interest in my Manscock. It is available for your inspection at any time. Just name the date and location. 

Again she felt that tingle between her legs. She pushed her hand into her pyjamas and soothed it away with a finger. Quickly she composed a reply:

Dear Sir
Can I just ask whether your Manscock has had any other modifications other than the unleaded conversion? 

Send. This time she kept her phone in her hand. She was not surprised to get another notification soon after. Sliding up the lock screen, she saw the reply. 

Dear Dorothy 
I assure you that other than the aforementioned conversion, my Manscock is completely intact and still has its original finish and accessories. 

The hand went back into her pyjamas in response to the growing tingles. This time she had to push the finger right into her pussy before the aching was eased. She knew she was getting wetter by the second. And she also knew that she had to ask another question. 

Dear Sir 
One more question if I may. Or two maybe - is it still in full working order, and what is the condition of the bodywork? 

Hitting Send again, she lay with her phone to her chest, tense with anticipation. Ping! There it was. Opening the message, she read:

Lovely Dorothy 
The bodywork is quite solid. I am doing some DIY work on it right now and I have noticed that it's leaking a little, but it's fully functional and just needs some tlc from a sympathetic enthusiast like yourself.
(I like the way you call me) Sir

Her heart was pounding and she had to finger herself a bit more. But before she got carried away, she sent one more message:

Dear Sir
Tomorrow. 10am, Colwick Racecourse car park. I will give your Manscock a thorough inspection. 
Dorothy x

Putting down the phone, she pushed both hands down her pyjamas and settled down to finish herself off. She knew it wouldn't take long… 

The alarm went off, but Dorothy was already awake in anticipation. Checking the phone again, there was another email message from Sir, containing only the letters OK and a vehicle registration number. No time for distractions, so she began to get ready. Coming out of the shower, she considered what she should wear. Thinking of the nature of the email exchange, she dismissed the idea of anything girly, that just wouldn't fit the mechanically competent persona she had portrayed. Then it struck her. Mechanic! She rummaged in the wardrobe for her overall, the slim-fitting red one. Yes, that would be perfect. Just that, nothing underneath! She pulled it on and fastened the poppers. Time for a light breakfast before going out. 

Dorothy pulled off the roundabout into the racecourse entrance. The racecourse itself was closed and gated, so she continued down the lane towards the country park. Hearing an email notification, she stopped to check her phone. 

Dearest Dorothy 
I'm waiting. My Manscock is freshly washed and ready for your perusal. 

A few hundred yards further on she arrived at the hardcore woodland parking area. There were several cars parked up, but none matched the old-style registration number she had been sent. She felt a pang of disappointment. Was he at the wrong place? She began to turn the car around. Then she spotted it! In the back corner was a campervan, motorhome even, bearing the registration number she sought. Dorothy smiled to herself.

Locking the car, she began to walk towards the camper. She could see no-one inside, indeed, the cab windows were covered with a silver insulating wrap. She decided to approach the side door. Before she could even knock, the door opened and she found herself looking at the smiling face of an older man. Older, but not old, she thought. Full in the face, but not jowly, clean-shaven, and bespectacled. The brown hair showed no trace of grey, though she knew that meant little, men dye their hair just as women do. An attractive face if not handsome. "Ah, you must be Dorothy, my little lady mechanic! I'm ready to put my Manscock in your hands for an inspection. If everything is to your satisfaction… Oh, please, come inside, it's comfortable in here. I hope I have the facilities for everything you have in mind."

Dorothy stepped into the camper and beheld the man she had been messaging. Not as tall as her imagination, a little stocky, but he seemed to be in good shape.

"Oh, I'm Chris, by the way, but I did quite like it when you called me Sir."

Dorothy glanced around the camper. There was a seat with a small table, a hob for cooking… And a bed! Her brain did a little cartwheel. "OK, Sir," she began, "I've come to inspect…"

"My Manscock, yes, yes. To be honest, I can't wait! So, here it is…" And with that he unbuttoned his jeans and let them fall to the floor. 
And there it was, hanging before her, but already hardening. It seemed exactly as described, average size, uncut, poking out from a forest of fine golden brown hair. “I need a closer look”, she said, dropping to her knees. Right in front of her eyes now, close inspection confirmed the description. She took it into her hand and felt it respond to her touch, going from firm to hard. She could see the veins standing out along the shaft. Lifting it up to inspect the underside, she noted the tight scrotum at the base. She slid back the foreskin to find it immaculately clean. As she pulled it right back, the tightness of the purple head made the sensitive skin shine, and she heard a ragged breath escape from Sir above. She pulled it back a couple more times, then noticed the precum that was already oozing from the tip. She wiped it onto her finger, then tasted it. Mmm, sweet and a little salty. She wanted more, and she could feel herself getting moist in response.

Dorothy looked up at him. “It looks good, but there’s a little test I need to do, Sir…” Without breaking eye contact, she slid her wet lips over the tip of the Manscock and kept going. The warm stiff member felt good in her mouth and she let her tongue lick around the head. Then she slid her lips all the way down to the base, enjoying the feeling as the shaft hit the back of her throat, filling her mouth completely.

Now she went to work on it. She needed that cum, and she knew how to deliver it quickly. Wrapping a finger and thumb around the shaft, she pulled the foreskin right back and held it there as her lips and tongue teased and worked the sensitive cockhead. With her other hand, she began to massage the underside of the scrotum. As she had hoped, it wasn’t long before she was rewarded with a gush of hot semen down her throat, accompanied by moans from Sir. She kept sucking until the throbbing cock stopped pulsing, not wanting to waste a drop, swallowing it all down.
“Well, that does seem to be in full working order, exactly as you promised Sir.” She smacked her lips, savouring the sticky cum. “Unleaded, you say?”

“Oh yes”, he replied, “Completely firing blanks”.

“Perfect! Now for the final test, you need to get naked and lie back on the bed, Sir”.

He peeled his t-shirt over his head to reveal soft, golden chest hair and a muscular physique with a slight tummy. Stepping out of his jeans, he lay back as bid, his still-hard cock pointing skyward. Dorothy pulled open the poppers of her overall, spilling out her full, firm breasts, before letting the overall slip off her shoulders. As it fell to the floor, revealing the curve of her hips and a neatly trimmed bush, she stepped out of it and climbed onto the bed astride the body of the sexy naked man lying there.

“Now, I hope you can be patient, Sir, because this test will take a long time!” And with that, she lowered her wet cunt onto his stiff cock...